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Commander Kor, Klingon spelling qor, was the first Klingon to appear in the Star Trek franchise.


Commander Kor lived from ca. 2230-2375. He briefly ruled the planet Organia as its military governor (1). Two years later, Captain Kor's ship, the IKS Klothos, was able to escape from a time trap with help from the Enterprise (2). An aging Kor, by now a Dahar Master, reunited with Koloth and Kang to avenge the deaths of their firstborn (3). A year or two later, Kor partners with Worf to recover the Sword of Kahless (4). Kor died commanding the Ning'tao in defense of the fleet (5).

Background information

John Colicos played the role of Kor in all appearances, with the exception of TAS in which the voice of Kor was provided my James Doohan. Based on the names of the actor and the character, Marc Okrand made a pun creating the Klingon word qolqoS with the meaning "core".

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