Koubuchi Shin'ichirou

Koubuchi Shin'ichirou (コウブチ ・ シンイチロウ, Klingon Name: Qo'buch SIng'Ichro') is a japanese klingonist from Itabashi.

In 1996, he translated several texts from German into Klingon:

Title Author Translation (web)
Solomon Grundy James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps Solomon ghuranDI'  
Vor dem Gesetz Franz Kafka chut 'etDaq  
Über Parabeln Franz Kafka paQDI'norghDaq  
Die Sorge des Familienvaters Franz Kafka juH vav SaHtaHghach  
Der Traum Franz Kafka work in progress
Das Stadtwappen Franz Kafka work in progress

The translations are commented, partly English, partly German.

Furthermore, he translated a few famous sentences into Klingon: mu'mey  .

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  • (jp) Website of Koubuchi Shin'ichirou

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