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East Lancashire Railways

Lancashire2019 1.jpg
Burrs Country Park

Lancashire2019 2.jpg
Bury Bolton Street

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On August 17, 2019, there was a sci-fi event going on named "Sci-Fi on the sidings" happening at the East Lancashire Railways

Klingon station names

For their event, they had the station names replaced by Klingon signs.(1) These were translated by klingonist Lieven L. Litaer.(2) The Klingon signs are actually more a transcription than a translation, because most of them are just names. The Klingon station names were not only seen at the stations, but also on the printed event's timetable.

Only one of the names was not transcribed by Lieven Litaer, and its translation is a bit awkward: "Bury transport museum" is written as be'wly lup qun Daq, obviously ignoring that there is a word for museum 'angweD and with a lower case L instead of an upper case I.

As they are not created nor approved by Marc Okrand, these words are not considered canon.
Station name Klingon transcription
Bury Bolton Street be'wIy bolton taw
Burrs Country Park beS Hatlh yotlh
Summerseat Sa'meSIy
Ramsbottom ramISbatem
Rawtenstall ro'tental
Irwell Vale 'I'wel vel
Heywood Hewut
East Lancashire Railway lengqISIr chan tIHmey


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2 : East Lancashire Railway goes Sci-fi on SFFdirect, August 19, 2019 by Caroline Humes

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