Leftovers, in Klingon chuvmey, is the term describing all other kinds of words which are neither a verb nor a noun (1). The following kinds of words are described in TKD's section 5:


According to TKD, Klingon grammarians group these terms together in a category named chuvmey leftovers (2), a noun that is related to the verb chuv be left over. The noun chuv can also be used for left over food.

During a presentation he held in 2018, Marc Okrand named these words simply as latlh. That confused some Klingonists expecting the term chuvmey, but it was not wrong per se: TKD states that "There are three basic parts of speech in Klingon: noun, verb, and everything else." (3) latlh is just the Klingon translation of "everything else". That is the same thing - maybe one word is just more technical than the other.

Note to adjectives

With this above list it is easy to see that there are no adjectives in Klingon. This role is taken by verbs, describing the relevant state. For instance, instead of the adjective good there is the verb be good, in Klingon QaQ. (4)


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