Legal terms

This page contains vocabulary regarding jurisdiction and legal procedures.

Word Translation


bo'DIj court [of law]
bo'DIj pa' courtroom
bo'DIj qach courthouse

General nouns

bIj punishment
chut law
bo'DIj qaD lawsuit
bo'DIj nompuq forensic evidence
HeS crime
meqba' type of legal proceeding
mIwba' trial
nompuq authority, evidence, attestation, reference, citation
pach moQ high court gavel
rIchwIn directive, injunction


chut qeSwI' lawyer
jantor witness (in court)
loHwI' magistrate [lit. "administrator"]
wuqwI' juror
wuqwI' ghom jury (as a group)
'oDwI' arbitrator, arbiter


bIj punish
chun be innocent
DIS confess
DIv be guilty
ghIpDIj court martial
HeS commit a crime
jIb execute by hanging
loH administer
muH execute
nguH testify
ruv justice
wuq decide
wuqHa' commute (a judicial sentence)
yoj judgment
'oD arbitrate, mediate

Additional information

  • bo'DIj is the institution of the court, a judicial organization. (qepHom 2018)
  • Yes, ghIpDIj is a verb; It's one of the rare bisyllabic verbs.

Okrand did not tell us a word for "judge", but he said what it's not:
ngoH is "judge" in the sense of estimating: "I judge that to be two meters away", so that won't work in this context. Also, an 'oDwI' is an "arbitrator" or "mediator," so that doesn't seem right.

A jury is not a Klingon institution, of course, so there's no readymade term. Maltz thought if you called a juror a wuqwI' ("decider") that would get the idea across. A jury – the panel or group of jurors – could be wuqwI' ghom. And for extra clarity, you could add bo'DIj, as in bo'DIj wuqwI' ghom. (1)

Canon examples

vImuHlu' net wuqHa'.
My death sentence was commuted! (Star Trek: Enterprise ep. 4.15)

See also


1 : QelIS boqHarmeyAlice's Adventures in Wonderland in Klingon p. 233

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