List of nouns ending with -wI'

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Klingon Canon definition Source
'IDnar lIlwI' magician other
'Iw remwI' vampire qepHom
'alwI' parachute qepHom
'avwI' guard TKD
'erwI'Daq telepathy qepa
'oDwI' arbitrator, arbiter KGT
'oSwI' emissary TKD
'och mutlhwI' plumber other
'opuHwI' prostitute qepa
'orwI' pilot HolQeD
'ovwI' competitor, player in a game qepa
'ul pat mutlhwI' electrician other
'ul rarwI' electric plug qepa
'urwI' traitor TKDaddendum
bIQ ghItmoHwI' fountain qepHom
bIQ ghaywI' pa' shower TNK
baHwI' gunner TKD
beb mutlhwI' roofer other
boQwI' assistant inferred
bochmoHwI' sycophant, flatterer KGT
boqwI' ally other
bolwI' traitor KGT
bomwI' singer KGT
chIjwI' navigator TKD
cha''etlh DaSwI' tweezer qepa
cha''etlh pe'wI' scissors TNK
chamwI' technician TKD
charghwI' victor, conqueror KGT
charwI' slimy inferred
cheqwI' turbine, propeller qepa
chelwI' accountant, financier KGT
chenmoHwI' creator, maker KGT
chevwI' separator inferred
chevwI' tlhoy' territorial wall (e.g. Berlin Wall) other
cho' 'oDwI' Arbiter of Succession other
choHwI' converter inferred
chotwI' murderer KGT
chu'wI' trigger TKDaddendum
chuHwI' thrower, hurler inferred
chuSwI' type of rodent that lives underground and makes annoying noise qepHom
chuq'a' leghwI' space telescope qepHom
chungHa'wI' brake qepHom
chut qeSwI' lawyer qepHom
DIr QanwI' taS suntan lotion TNK
De' QulwI' librarian qepHom
De'wI' computer TKD
De'wI'Hom laptop qepHom
De'wI' pat computer system other
De'wI' Qulpa' computer research lab other
De'wI' SoSbor'a' main computer core other
De'wI' tIS laptop qepHom
De'wI' turwI' computer server qepa
DeghwI' helmsman TKD
DevwI' leader KGT
DuDwI' mixer, stirring stick KGT
DuQwI' spike KGT
ghItlhwI' stylus, writing implement KGT
ghItlhwI' 'echlet chalk board, flip chart qepHom
ghItwI' geyser qepa
ghajwI' owner other
ghangwI' horizon HolQeD
gharwI' diplomat TKD
ghetwI' pretender HolQeD
ghochwI' tracker other
ghojmeH ghItlhwI' pencil TNK
ghojmoHwI' teacher qepHom
ghojwI' student TKD
ghoqwI' spy TKD
Ha'on vevwI' stapler qepHom
HaDwI' student other
HabwI' one who is smooth qepHom
HaqwI' surgeon TKDaddendum
HaqwI' boQ surgeon's aide other
Hap choHwI' replicator qepHom
HeSwI' criminal TKD
Hergh QaywI' hypo, pneumatic hypo TKDaddendum
HerghwI' hypo, pneumatic hypo TKDaddendum
HevwI' receiver inferred
Hew chenmoHwI' sculptor KGT
Ho'Du' Say'moHwI' tlhagh tooth paste TNK
Ho' teywI' tooth brush TNK
HoS choHwI' transtator HolQeD
HoS lIngwI' power generator other
Hoch Holmey mughwI' universal translator other
HomwI' second toe HolQeD
HotlhwI' scanner TKD
HurDagh chuHwI' bow (for arrows) qepHom
HurwI' bow (for arrows) qepHom
Hutvav rarwI' neural synapse qepHom
jIb yachwI' hairbrush TNK
jIrmoHwI' winch, reel/spool winder other
jabwI' food server, waiter, waitress KGT
jeghpu'wI' conquered people other
jey'naS ghoqwI' double agent other
joqwI' flag TKD
jonwI' engineer TKD
jorwI' explosive TKD
qanwI' pinky finger HolQeD
qaywI' middle finger HolQeD
qeSwI' advisor KGT
qengwI' carrier, bearer inferred
qewwI' ring finger HolQeD
qoD QutlhwI' ngaDmoHwI' inner support stabilizer other
qogh qorghwI' ear plug inferred
qoq De'wI' Dojmey botnet (computer jargon) qepHom
qorghwI' cork, stoppper, pacifier qepHom
qul qaDwI' firefighter qepHom
qul mI'wI' fire dancer KGT
qul QongmoHwI' firefighter qepHom
qul SuvwI' firefighter qepHom
qul tlhay'moHwI' firefighter qepHom
qumwI' governor TKDaddendum
lIghon DuQwI' pogh glavin, Ligonian spike glove KGT
lIlwI' simulator, impersonator other
lIngwI' generator TKDaddendum
labwI' transmitter, sender inferred
langwI' one who is thin KGT
leng Dotlh SeHwI' pat flight reaction control system other
lengwI' rover (grammatical term) TKD
loHwI' magistrate other
lotlhwI' rebel TKD
luHwI' tIH tractor beam qepHom
lujwI' mIr losing streak qepa
lupwI' jitney, bus KGT
lupwI' mIr train (vehicle) TNK
mI'wI' dancer qepHom
mI'wI' much cabaret qepHom
mIllogh qonwI' photo camera TNK
mIllogh qonwI' qoSta' foto film TNK
mIn QanwI' nguv sunglasses TNK
mIn tojwI' optical illusion other
mIn yuqwI' magician other
maghwI' traitor TKD
majyang mutlhwI' tiler other
marwI' big (first) toe HolQeD
moqwI' beater qepHom
morwI' ant(s), formicidae qepa
muD ngeb SeHwI' pat atmospheric control system other
muchwI' musician KGT
mughwI' translator TKD
mupwI' hammer KGT
mupwI'Hom mallet (for strinking a musical instrument) KGT
mutlhwI' someone who puts things together [craftsman] other
nIHwI' thief TKD
nISwI' disruptor KGT
nISwI' beH disruptor rifle KGT
nISwI' HIch disruptor pistol, hand-held disruptor KGT
najmoHwI' lullaby KGT
nanwI' chisel KGT
nav qatwI' envelope TNK
nejwI' probe TKDaddendum
nelwI' partner (part of a pair) other
nepwI' liar TKD
ngaDmoHwI' stabilizer (component of a ship) KGT
ngaQHa'moHwI' key TNK
ngelwI' attractor, bait qepHom
ngevwI' seller inferred
ngogh mutlhwI' bricklayer other
ngomwI' geek other
nguDwI' glue qepa
nguHwI' witness qepHom
noDwI' avenger qepa
nojwI' lender inferred
nubwI' predecessor TKD
pIvchem lIngwI' DaH warp field generation array other
pIvchem SeHwI' warp field controller other
paq nojwI' librarian qepHom
paq nojwI' qach library (building) qepHom
paq nojwI' tum library (public) qepHom
pangwI' plucker qepHom
pujwI' weakling TKD
QaDmoHwI' DIr towel TNK
QaHwI' helper inferred
QanwI' protector inferred
QapwI' mIr winning streak qepa
Qay'wI' little (fifth) toe HolQeD
Qu' vu'wI' yaH Mission Ops other
QujwI' lIw game token other
QulwI' researcher inferred
Qum De'wI' communications computer other
QumeH ngaSwI' mold (for casting) qepHom
QumwI' communicator, communications device TKD
QutlhwI' support inferred
rI'meH wovmoHwI' beacon qepHom
rI'wI' loudspeaker qepa
rIHwI' energizer TKD
rISwI' sending device qepHom
rIlwI' child's thumb HolQeD
ra'wI' commander TKD
ra'wI' lupwI' taxi TNK
raS De'wI' desktop computer qepHom
rachwI' nurse other
rarwI' plug qepa
renwI' designer, architect qepHom
roSwI' third toe HolQeD
ruqwI' grenade qepa
runwI' one who is short KGT
SIQwI' celebrant, recipient KGT
SIjwI' type of knife (used for food preparation) KGT
SIqwI' index, first, pointer finger HolQeD
Say'moHwI' tlhagh soap TNK
SeHwI' controller other
SeHwI' pat control system other
Sech qengwI' torchbearer inferred
SenwI' adult's thumb HolQeD
SenwI' rIlwI' je everybody (idiomatic phrase) HolQeD
So'wI' cloaking device TKD
Soj choHwI' food replicator qepHom
SopwI'pa' mess hall KGT
Sut HabmoHwI' iron (clothing iron) TNK
SuvwI' warrior TKDaddendum
tI'wI' someone who repairs things qepHom
tIjwI'ghom boarding party TKD
tal SeHwI' nguSDI' cannon control motor other
tebwI' food server in a Dok'e KGT
tel SeHwI' jo' wing control mechanism other
tepqengwI' cargo carrier TKD
tera' nagh DIr charwI' snail qepHom
teywI' file KGT
teywI' 'echlet chalkboard or whiteboard or any similar surface that can be erased and reused qepHom
tlhIlwI' miner TKD
tlhegh jIrmoHwI' windlass other
tlhepwI' uvula (informal term) qepa
toSwI' qal'aq climbing apparatus, jungle gym qepHom
toy'wI' servant TKD
toy'wI''a' slave TKDaddendum
tuch rItwI' prophet other
tuj muvwI' thermo-suture HolQeD
turwI' server (computer) qepa
varghwI' changeling, Founder qepa
velwI' coverer, coater, masker [carpet-layer] other
venwI' nerd other
vevwI' inserter, attacher inferred
vu'wI' manager TKD
vutwI' cook KGT
wIjwI' farmer other
wIjwI' jan plough other
wIjwI' ngeb scarecrow other
wab HevwI' radio TNK
wab labwI' radio transmitter qepa
wamwI' hunter KGT
woj choHwI' reactor TKDaddendum
wovmoHwI' light (lamp) other
wovmoHwI' moQ light bulb TNK
wuqwI' juror other
wuqwI' ghom jury other
ya De'wI' tactical computer other
yachwI' brush TNK
yer ghajwI' chaw' title deed, patent other
yoHwI' brave one KGT
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