Live long and prosper

You can say this using the verb for prosper, be prosperous chep. There are two known solutions for this phrase.

During the Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special, it is Leonard Nimoy who speaks the following line(1). It is not known where he got it from, or if it was provided by Marc Okrand. It is quite possible, since Okrand was also part of that TV show.
yItaH 'ej yIcheptaH.
Survive and prosper.

Five years later, Okrand provided the following in the Radio Times interview(2):
yIn nI' yISIQ 'ej yIchep.
Endure a long life and prosper.

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1 : UPN Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special, at about 59:20

2 : Radio Times, Official Collecter's Edition: Star Trek 30 Years, 1996

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