A loanword is a word adopted from one language and incorporated into another language without translation.(1)

General Loanwords

There are several English words that we know the Klingon spelling for, without these words being "true" Klingon words. This usually happens with words that we (or Klingons) like to talk about, but there is no Klingon equivalent to it. Basically, these are just transcriptions of English words.

Klingon Translation Source
bewbeb baobab The Little Prince
Da'lar dollar qep'a' 2020
ghormaghenDer gormagander (fictional space animal from Star Trek) DSC, qepHom 2017
Human human TKD
lI'lIy lily qep'a' 2020
qa'mel camel qepHom 2021
qa'nabIS cannabis qepHom 2021
qatra' katra (vulcan thing from Star Trek) DSC, qepHom 2017
ro'Sa' rose The Little Prince
tarDIghaD tardigrade Kaspersky (2)
Sam shawm (music instrument) qepHom 2018
SIQab'el Scrabble (the game) qepHom 2018
wI'qIy Wiki (3)
yuryum yurium (fictional explosive from Star Trek) DSC, qepHom 2017
'eSpeD spade (deck of cards) qepHom 2014
'e'levan elephant (4)
'Internet Internet qepHom 2014
'anISyum anicium (fictional explosive from Star Trek) DSC, qepHom 2017

Note that although the word 'Internet is shown in this list, Maltz insisted that it is a Klingon word when Marc Okrand asked him about it.

Food vocabulary

Most of the words for Terran food which were published in the TalkNow software are also loanwords.
➞ See main article food vocabulary

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4 : First used in Die Sendung mit der Maus, published at qep'a' 2017

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