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Love Poem

In chapter 6 of the novel Diplomatic Implausibility, there is a klingon love poem. According to the book's glossary, the poem Leskit gives Kurak "is subliterate and cannot possibly be translated into English". Since the grammar of the poem is a bit awkward, it is likely that Okrand did not vet this one and therefore it can not be considered as canon. The book says "It was probably the worst piece of peotry ever written in all of Klingon history."


'arlogh how often
nga'chuq Leskit QongDaqDaq in the bed Leskit has sex
je' Leskit Leskit feeds [may be a typo?]
Kurak Leskit nItebHa' Kurak Leskit together
Leskit malrachaI ngech Leskit [unknown word] cleavage
tagh nga'chuq begins, the mating
yIQ it's wet
nga'chuq having sex
'arlogh how many times
Do'Ha' Leskit unfortunately, Leskit
lo'laHbe'ghach Leskit worthlessness Leskit
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