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What is this?

The Klingon language - in Klingon: tlhIngan Hol - was invented by Dr. Marc Okrand for Paramount Pictures, originally for the third Star Trek movie in 1984. Rather than making just a code for English, Dr. Okrand decided to make a true language with linguistically interesting features. This wiki summarizes everything that is related to this language: its history, information about grammar and vocabulary, but also lots of background information about Klingon and those who speak it.
Besides of that, this wiki offers information about available products like T-shirts or music, explaining whether it is true Klingon or just gibberish.

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Canon Sources

TheKlingonDictionary.jpg The Klingon Dictionary is the primary source that describes the Klingon language. The first half of the book is a description of the grammar, and the second half contains vocabulary lists, arranged in both English->Klingon and Klingon->English. One should note that there are some words which appear in one side and not the other.

Find all canon sources at the portal canon.

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Klingonists and other people

MarcOkrand.jpg Dr. Marc Okrand is the inventor of the Klingon language and author of The Klingon Dictionary. As such, his pronouncements are considered the standard of correctness ("canon") concerning the language. The Klingon spelling for his name is marq 'oqranD. Read more...

Read about Klingonists, actors, authors and other people at the Portal:People.

Did you know?

  • There is a street in Sacramento called Klingon Court. KlingonCourtSign.jpg
  • The Klingon Dictionary has been translated into four languages.
  • The highest score you can get in the first move of Klingon Scrabble is the word tlhorghqang with 134 points.
  • Between 2004 and 2010, the official logo of Wikipedia contained a Klingon letter.

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