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Martok's Signature in the Haynes Bird of Prey Manual
Martok was Chancellor of the High Council at the end of the 24th centruy. The klingon spelling of his name is martaq (1).


Martok had to work his way up as a simple man in order to get his rank as an officer. In the Dominion War he was replaced by a changeling and the real Martok was imprisoned in an internment camp, where he lost an eye in a fight. Gowron saw a rival in him and tried to get rid of him in the Dominion War through senseless and dangerous missions, but failed to do so.

Because Worf freed him from the internment camp, Martok let Worf join his house. Later when Gowron questions the honor of Martok, he gets killed by Worf, who calls for Martok as the successor of Gowron.

Background information

J.G. Hertzler played Martok in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


1 : Klingon for the Galactic Traveler


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