Mary Chieffo

Mary Chieffo is an actress playing L'Rell in season 1 and 2 of Star Trek Discovery between 2017 and 2019. She had many Klingon lines in the show, and she repeatedly tells the fans that she really enjoyed learning the language. She frequently speaks Klingon lines in public appearances and TV-shows.

Speaking Klingon in public

Let's Make A Deal

The episode of this game show of October 10, 2020 was themed on Star Trek. At some point, the show master pretends to "Know Klingon backwards and forwards". What he then speaks sounds pretty good, but is just random gibberish. He then admits that he does not speak Klingon. He then announces Mary Chieffo to read a Klingon text from a diary. Another participant then translates the lines.(1)
Klingon phrase Given translation
mumISmoHpu'bogh Daq Hujqu' vItu'pu'. I have come upon a very strange site which has left me perplexed.
pa'HomDaq Dochmey law' tu'lu'. There are multiple items in the big box.
lo'wI' yuqmeH nItebHa' QoylaHghachDaj HIv. They work in unison to distract the user by means of their auditory senses.

The Klingon grammar of the lines is impeccable. It is not known who translated these.


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1 : Let's Make A Deal on Facebook, published October 10, 2020

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