Medical terms

During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, also Klingonists talk about the topic. This page lists some related vocabulary.



Klingon Translation note
HaqwI' surgeon
Hergh medicine
Hergh QaywI' hypospray might be used for a syringe
javtIm virus
lerup bacterium
mIv'a' crown sometimes used for "corona", but not canon
nev'aQ coffin
pogh glove
qoro'na' javtIm corona virus
Qel doctor
Qel boQ doctor assistant this is a nurse, not a doctor
QongDaq bed
rachwI' nurse this is the nurse taking care of patients
rop disease
rop'a' plague might be used for "pandemic"
roptoj scar (from disease) like scars that might remain in the lungs, caused by the disease
ropyaH qach hospital
SID patient
'ejtlhal tumor


Klingon Translation note
chuy sneeze
ngej infect
pIv be healthy
Qay vaccinate, inject Read javtIm raS'IS for usage
rop be ill
Say'moH wash
Say'qu' be sterile
Say'qu'moH sterilize
tuS cough
woj sterilize


DIr rop type of skin disease
lenmeS rop lenmes-disease
ruDelya' rop'a' Rudellian plague
qo'vID wa'maH Hut COVID-19 this is a transliteration of the name

Additional Notes

Note that the word qab jech might appear if you search for "mask", but this is the kind of mask which is used as a disguise in theatre plays or on Halloween. It is not a protector mask.

Before the Klingon spelling qoro'na javtIm was revealed at qepHom 2020, some Klingonists referred to it as mIv'a' javtIm "crown virus", based on the literal translation of the word "corona" (latin: crown). At that time, everyone would understand, but the canon version is recommended to use now.

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