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Melanie Nicole Roney (Klingon name 'anan naHQun) has been a Klingonist since January of 2002. She is a proud parent of two; cha''Iv and cheS. They currently reside in West Baden Springs, Indiana, United States (for those interested in a qepHom). In 2009, she found a Klingon translation job using Twitter (1).
On the fandom side of Klingon, she was the CO of the Klingon Assault Group's Cold Steel Quadrant from February 2014 to July 2018 and the CO of the IKS pongHa'lu' (formerly IKS lIywI') from May 2009 to May 2015. She has been the CO of the IKS roSwI' since May 2016. She holds the KAG rank of Commander.




  • Assisted with the translation of the Klingon Google site
  • Assisted with the translation of OpenOffice (project was scrapped after a server crash lost all of the data)



  • Interviewed for the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Elvish lives! on by Cary Darling, 28 February 2004 (now on



  • Worked on the never launched Klingon Google Earth


  • Sophos Klingon Anti-Virus (3) (4)
  • Translated a portion of "Girl of Ipanema" for the September 2009 issue of "Superinteressante"
  • Translator for Curt Danhauser's Klingon PSA.
  • Started translating Klingon Kama Sutra (KKS)
  • Translated Are You My Mother
  • founder of "wejDIch Wednesday" on Twitter(5).
    The third Wednesday of each month, several of us tweet exclusively in the warrior tongue. Roney also established two Klingon Twitter hashtags: Tweets about Klingons should be marked with #kli, while tweets in or about tlhIngan Hol should be marked with #tlh. This keeps all of the tweets together and easily searchable.



  • Klingon model for The Children's Museum of Indianapolis ads
  • Translated the Elfenworks Butterfly Project which is now available as an app for Android and iOS.
  • Provided translation and audio to The Center for Non Harming Ministries of The Lord's Prayer.
  • Software translator for Live Office LLC
  • Open University of Technology, Russia
  • Translated an ad for Gigaset along with Chris Lipscombe
  • Klingon language coach for the 2011 cast of A Klingon Christmas Carol


  • Translated a promo card for LocWorks to give to their KickStarter backers
  • Project Under NDA (project is dead, but still protected)


  • Translated a song for Jägermeister-sponsored band Sonic Boom Six
  • Provided the translation of My Heart Will Go On for Klingon Pop Warrior


  • Her seven-year-old son requested the word for "bunny". cheS was revealed during the 2016 qep'a'.



Why naHQun?

(Written by naHQun)
It all started when I was in this play. I was God (a minor role, really), and my prop for the play was a pineapple. It was supposed to be "The Word of God". So for the few months of rehearsal, everyone just called me "God". Eventually one of my standard nicknames was "The God of Pineapple". And it was during that time period that I was looking for a tlhIngan pong. So I looked up the word for God, and the word for fruit, knowing full well there are not any pineapples on Qo'noS, and I came up with naH Qun, or The God of Fruit/Vegetable. I decided that I didn't want a space in my name, so it became naHQun.

Intro to Klingon

In January of 2002, I walked into a Half-Price Bookstore. I noticed that they had a display of Conversational Klingon cassette tapes, and that they were on sale for $1 USD. I thought to myself, "I can learn Klingon for $1!". I also managed to pick up a copy of The Klingon Dictionary while I was there.
Flash forward to 2010, and I am standing in Australia, being paid to translate Klingon.

Best dollar I ever spent!


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4 : Klingon Anti-virus Available for Download. Really., on, by Erik Larkin, 19 May 2009 (now on

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Holder of KLCP rank:

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