Memrise is a free software for learning vocabulary, which is available as app for Android and for iOS. It is developed by the company Memrise in London. The software allows to access the vocabulary with various learning methods. Some lists contain pictures, mnemotechnic verses or something similar. The lists of vocabulary are directly built by users. There exist a few lists for English-Klingon(1). The software itself had some problems with capitalization and the apostrophe in Klingon in 2014, but they seem to be erased.

Vocabulary lists

Because of the fact that the vocabulary lists can be designed by users, their quality is variable. This is not bad at all, but they have to be handled with care as mistakes may be included. The user cannot see how often a list is used. Without meaning to criticize anyone, some critique of the available Memrise courses is useful. As of February 2017, there are about 24 Klingon courses:
  • Two are designed to learn vocabulary for the Klingon Language Certification Program, levels 1 & 2. Created by experienced Klingonists Felix Malmenbeck (loghaD) and Chris Lipscombe (qurgh), these are considered very good quality.
  • Several are word groups (animals, kinship terms, shapes, adverbs, etc.) and are generally of good quality.
  • One course, "Basics of Klingon Grammar", should be avoided at this time because of many errors. In reality, it is just lists of prefixes and doesn't present any actual grammar. "Complete Klingon Vocabulary" by the same creator has not been reviewed, but learners should be cautious for the same reason.

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1 : Vocabulary for English-Klingon on Memrise

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