Message from Maltz of June 2013

In Summer 2013, Lieven L. Litaer sent a scroll to Marc Okrand containing word wishes from attendees of the qepHom'a' Saarbrücken. Okrand replied with a new word for "scroll" which is Qumran. The message was published on the mailing list on June 12, 2013.(1)

Message of Monday, January 02, 2012 5:03:07

While tetlh can refer to a scroll, it can also refer to anything rolled up scroll-like (like toilet paper). The meaning of tetlh, over time, got extended to refer not only to the scroll/roll, but the contents of what may be written on a scroll and from there to refer to the sort of thing that may be traditionally written on a scroll, such as a "list" of things. So, even if not written on a scroll, a shopping list could be a tetlh. So could a ship's manifest.

A Qumran, on the other hand, is only a scroll. And it has connotations of something important or sacred or ancient, though a Qumran need not be all three of those things. When a scroll is a part of a ceremony of some kind, it's typically referred to as a Qumran, not a tetlh, even though it is a tetlh, so if you called it that, you wouldn't be wrong, but it might sound inappropriate.

I guess Maltz thought the scroll you sent was pretty significant.

In short -- any Qumran is a tetlh, but every tetlh is not a Qumran.


1 : Re: Tlhingan-hol Qumran, KLI mailing list, posted Jan 26, 2012

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