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On the occasion of the first Klingon opera 'u' which premiered in 2010, a message was sent to the Klingon homeworld – at least into the direction where one would expect it to be. It was spoken by Marc Okrand and is the longest text in Klingon we've heard from him til today. The video is available on YouTube.


Klingon Translation
Qo'noS tlhInganpu' - qeylIS puqloDpu' puqbe'pu' je. Klingons of Kronos - Sons and daughters of Kahless.
tera'vo' SarI'. marq 'oqranD jIH. De' potlh vIlab. I call you from Earth. I am Marc Okrand. I transmit important data.
may' ghe'naQ lumuchrup tera'nganpu'. Terrans are ready to perform a battle opera.
'u' 'oH ghe'naQ pong. The name of the opera is 'u' (Universe).
yuQmajDaq may' ghe'naQ wa'DIch wIQoybogh 'oH 'u'. 'u' is the first battle opera we have heard on earth.
ghorgh lumuch? When do they play it?
poH tuj bI'reS nungbogh wa' jaj qeylIS DIS chorghvatlh loSmaH jav qaStaHvIS. At preceding day of the beginning of the hot season during the year of Khaless 846.
ghe'naQ Daqvo' QInvam wIlab. We transmit this message from the place of the opera.
wanI'vam Dun luleghlaHmeH tlhIngan SuvwI' Duypu' bongeH 'e' lutul tera'nganpu'. Terrans hope that you send Klingon warrior emissaries to see this great event.
qeylIS wIquvmoHtaHvIS chetlhej wIneH. We want you to join us while we honor Kahless
qa' wIje'meH maSuv! We fight to enrich the spirit.
Qapla'. Success.

Some notes include the following phrase, but it's not part of the video:

qatlh tlhIngan lut luja' tera'ngan DawI'pu'lI'?
Why are your Earthling actors telling a Klingon story?


  • The 4th sentence is missing the -'e' suffix at the end, which is required in a to-be-sentence. It should be 'u' 'oH ghe'naQ pong'e'.

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