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Klingon article in Metro Ottawa

photo of the article
On April 26 2016, the canadian newspaper Metro Ottawa published an article entirely in Klingon, written with Klingon letters called pIqaD. (1) As the top of the article says "Advertorial Feature", it is intended as an advertisement for the upcoming Starfleet Gala event, which already has their website in Klingon.

As for the author, the article starts with qonta' metlh, written by Metlh . Metlh is an imaginary Klingon news reporter made up on the spot, so the name is not canon.

Klingon language

The Klingon was translated by Chris Lipscombe (known as qurgh), with editing by Felix Malmenbeck (known as loghaD). The follow is breakdown of the original English that was sent to the translators, along with the translation and a literal back translation.

"Federation shuttle crashes on 21st Century Terra"
tera' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH wa' tera'Daq SaqHa' DIvI' lupDujHom
"Federation Shuttle mislands on 21st century Terra"

"Terra, April 25: The Klingon High Council has received news that Starfleet has sent a mission to 21st Century Terra to open a Starfleet Academy recruitment facility. "
tera' jar loS jaj cha'maH vagh: De' chu' Hevpu' tlhIngan yejquv. 'ejyo' 'ampaS muvmoHwI' Daq luchenmoHmeH tera' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH wa' tera'Daq Duypu' ngeHpu' 'ejyo'.
"Terran month 4 day 25: The Klingon High Council have received new data. In order to create a Starfleet Academy recruiter location, Starfleet have sent emissaries to 2100 year old Terra."

"One of their shuttlecraft, after emerging from a wormhole, broke apart on atmospheric entry. The Human Captain chose not to die a heroic death, and used his emergency transporter to escape the craft alive. "
logh 'och mejta' DIvI' lupDujHom 'ach tera' muD 'eltaHvIS ngaDHa'choH lupDujHom 'ej SabchoH SomDaj. Heghbe' Human HoD. lupDujHomvo' narghmeH chach jolpatDaj lo'.
"A Federation shuttlecraft had left the space tunnel however while it was entering the Terran atmosphere the shuttlecraft began to destabilized and it's hull disintegrated . The Human captain did not die. In order to escape from the shuttlecraft he used an emergency transporter unit."

"The shuttle’s port nacelle was later found destroyed on the ground in a human marketplace. Starfleet security and science personnel were soon there to contain the crash site and enforce their Prime Directive. The 21st Century Terrans present were very confused."
ghIq Human Suypu' DaqDaq lupDujHom wa' HanDogh Samlu'pu'. latlh beqpu' ngeHta' 'ejyo' 'ej nom pawta' 'ejyo' Hung beqpu' QeD beqpu' je. Daq luSevta' 'ej Daq nuvpu'vaD chut wa'DIch lupabmoHpu'. mISqu' tera'nganpu' lutlh.
"Subsequently, a shuttlecraft nacelle has been located in a human merchant site. Starfleet has sent additional personnel and Starfleet security and science personally quickly arrived. They have contained the location and they have caused the site's people to follow the first law. The primitive Terrans are very confused. "

"Starfleet Academy has informed the High Council that it will place a training simulator in Ottawa, the first city of the country that was called Canada, at the Terran building that contains ancient atmosphere ships and ships that don't have warp cores."
yejquv rI'ta' 'ejyo' 'ampaS 'ej yejquvvaD De'vam ja'ta' 'oSwI'. 'otta'wa qa'naDa' monDaq qeqmeH De'wI' chenmoH 'e' Hech 'ejyo' 'ampaS. tera'ngan muD Dujmey tIQ pIvghor ghajbe'bogh Dujmey'e' je ngaSbogh qachDaq chenmoH.
"Starfleet Academy has hailed the High Council and their representative has given the High Council this information. Starfleet Academy intends to build a training computer in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. They will build it at the Terran building that contains ancient atmosphere ships and ships that don't have warp cores."

"The Starfleet Academy Experience will operate from May to September, 2016, in the capital of the country that was called Canada. Klingons are invited, but no weapons are permitted inside the training simulator. You may go back in time using the slingshot effect around their sun."
tera' jar vagh, qa'naDa' monDaq tagh "Starfleet Academy Experience" 'ej DorDI' tera' jar Hut, vanlu'. jeS tlhInganpu' net chaw'. nuHpu' lutuchlu'. retDaq DalengmeH julchaj tlham Dalo'laH.
"In Canada's capital, when month 5 happens, the Starfleet Academy Experience begins and when month nine is finished, it ends. It is permitted that Klingons can participate. Weapons are not permitted. In order to travel into the past, you can use their sun's gravity."

Klingon letters

The article is using the klingon letters (pIqaD) correctly, although the word processor's automatic syllabification cuts down words into incorrect pieces, like cha-'maH and DIv-I'.


1 : photo on Instagram, by acartcomm, of 26 April 2016

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