Michael Everson

Michael Everson, using the Klingon name varSan (1), is not particularly active on the email forum or in other visible ways, but our advocate and friend-in-high-places when it comes to computer standards. Michael fought hard (and unsuccessfully) to get a pIqaD alphabet included in the Plane 1 of Unicode, and even in other settings, helped legitimize the language by using it as an example. On the whole, without him, constructed languages would be even more marginalized than they are.

He has done some Klingon writing of his own, though, so don't think he's inexperienced with the language. He has created several Klingon fonts.


1 : http://diswww.mit.edu/charon.MIT.EDU/ja%27chuq/9 first message to the list, Sun, 11 Aug 1991

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