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Miniatur Wunderland

MiniaturWunderland Klingon1.jpg
screenshot with new word nu'

MiniaturWunderland Klingon2.jpg
screenshot with new word men
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is the largest model railway attraction in the world.


On April 1st, 2019 they published a corporate film spoken entirely in Klingon. The translation was provided by Lieven L. Litaer who also spoke the lines (1). The video on Youtube includes Klingon subtitles(2)

New words

To complete the translation of the video, Marc Okrand has provided a few new words and Klingon spellings:

Word Translation Note
ghI'neS Guinness Klingon spelling for the company name
Hamburgh Hamburg city names
men have an area of... measurements
mu'neqo Monaco country names
nu' be particularly small in the sense of "miniature"
SIqenDInavya' Scandinavia Region
tIH(mey) railroad tracks based on tIH "shaft of spear"
tlharwIl Duj railroad car part of a train
'ewro Euro European currency


1 : Miniatur Wunderland in klingon..., Video on Facebook, uploaded on April 1, 2019

2 : Miniatur Wunderland on KLINGON, Video on YouTube, pbublished on March 31, 2019

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