The Misfit Shine

packaging of Misfit Shine
The Misfit Shine is an activity tracker device from Misfit Wearables launched in 2013 (1). It has a Klingon notice on the back of the packaging(2). The notice is labeled "KL" and is written in pIqaD. The translation was provided by Felix Malmenbeck (3).


(Shine) jIH.
I am (Shine).
The product name is not printed on the box.

mI'ta'ghach pojwI' jIH.
I am a physical activity monitor.

Dat chotuQlaH.
You can wear me anywhere.

cho'uyDI' gherlIj vImugh 'ej rep vIper.
Tap me for your progress and the time.


1 : Misfit product page

2 : Article on TechCrunch, Posted Apr 20, 2014

3 : Message to Email Discussion Forum of Sat, 24 Aug 2013

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