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Monopoly: Klingon Edition

Monopoly game
In 2011, a Klingon language Version of Monopoly was released. All of the game is in both English and Klingon, so advanced speakers can play it entirely in Klingon. Translations were done by Marc Okrand, who has provided several new words for the game, with the Klingon Language Institute. Due to this fact, the game is considered canon. All the parts of the game are also labeled in pIqaD, so this is the first canon use of pIqaD.

Game set up

The game is quite identical to the standard game, with few differences: instead of streets, there are planets and the four stations/airports are space stations. The money is labeled QaS, literally "troops", so one does not pay with true money, but troops are sent to war to conquer a planet.

"Chance and Community chest" cards are labeled as Honor and Combat cards (see below).

The six player tokens (QujwI' lIw) are a Bird of Prey, a Bat'leth, a captain's chair, a high court gavel, a disruptor and a Dk'tagh.

New words

The new words include names for planets, clarifying meanings of existing words and some all new words.
Klingon Type translation note
chIm v. be drained [referring to dilithium crystals; addition to known meanings]
ghay v. spray, [bombard?] [can take jorwI' as its object]
jorwI' n. bomb [extension of "n. explosive" meaning]
le'mIS n. blockade
mI' nagh n. playing dice, die
ngay' n. glory
qarDaSQa' n. Cardassian Union
qav'ap n. value
qa' v. replace
Qej v. cherish
QujwI' lIw n. game token, lit. player stand-in
rIt v. summon
ron v. roll, be rolling [of playing dice; addition to known meaning as aircraft term)
ronmoH v. roll, throw [playing dice]
ruDelya' rop'a' n. Rudellian plague
SIbI'Ha' adv. later, eventually
tlhapqa' v. retrieve
tlhIngan 'IH qaD n. Klingon beauty contest [lit. "Contest of handsome Klingon"; 'IH does not mean "beauty" here]
vabDot adv. moreover, furthermore, even
velqa' n. replica
vey n. set, pack, package
wun v. be unprotected, be vulnerable
'echlet n. board
'echletHom n. card [Can be used for playing cards and for a postcard]


Front Cover of the box

Sentence Given Translation Literal translation
veymey puS neH chenmoHlu'pu' Limited Edition only few boxes have been created

Back Cover of the box

Honor Cards

There are 16 cards labeled "honor" / quv.

Combat Cards

There are 16 cards labeled "combat" / vIq.


During episode 9 of the 4th season of The Big Bang Theory ("The Boyfriend Complexity"), Sheldon mentions that he prefers "the classics, regular and Klingon" editions of Monopoly.


  • The "Praxis Energy Facility" is labeled correctly in pIqaD as pIraqSIS HoS waw', but the smaller logo containing the same words, has an l ("ell") instead of I ("eye"), a Q instead of q, and is missing its final apostrophe. So it reads as plraQSIS HoS waw.
  • The same happened to the "Rura Penthe Mines": rura' pente' tlhIlHalmey is written correctly in the standard layout, but the logo is spelled rura pente tIlHalmey.

Back Cover

  • ngaS 'aplo ("contents") is spelled incorrectly as naS aplo
  • Qapla' is missing an apostrophe

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