Mortas-Te-Kaase (MTK) was a Klingon fan group around 1989 until 1994. The name is using Klingonaase words meaning "The Hand (kaase) of (te) Death (mortas)" (1).

The organisation was also in very close contact with Marc Okrand, who was also an active member of MTK and would often release exclusive additional words and phrases through the regular publications of the organisation via their newsletter veS QonoS.

pIqaD introduction

piqad MortasTeKaase1989.jpg
First known evidence of pIqaD, 1989
The first publication of the MTK 1989 showed the first ever printed version of today's known pIqaD, although it is not clear who designed those letters, or if they came from Doug Drexler or Michael Okuda, as they are mentioned in the publication's acknowledgments. (2) At that time, director of the KLI, Lawrence M. Schoen, would often refer inquiries to Thomas Scheuer as he was still a student of the Klingon language at the time. Scheuer was never credited however, in any of Dr. Schoen's works or publications, and thus following commercial usage was not credited properly either.

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