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Mount Vernon's Klingon Visitation Guide

As an April Fools gag of 2017, George Washington's Mount Vernon (Virginia, USA) announced a guided tour entirely in Klingon. Their website is translated entirely into Klingon(1), and they added a YouTube video spoken in Klingon (2).

The translated phrases are of high quality without any obvious mistakes. The video as well is spoken with a perfect pronunciation. The text was translated and spoken by Alan Anderson. The site was translated by Felix Malmenbeck and MelanieRoney.


The following has not been approved by the author, so changes might still be possible. Unclear words are written in square brackets.

Transcript Subtitles
Ha', Mount Vernon yIghoS, 'utchugh. "Come, if you must, to Mount Vernon."
'amerI'qa' SepjIjQa' che'wI' wa'DIch juH mol je 'oH. "the home and grave of the first leader of the USA"
jogh wa', Sol Hovtay' yuQ wejDaq puHvam tu'lu'. "One find this land on planet three of the Sol system in the Alpha Quadrant."
George Washington-vaD Sep vav ponglu'. "George Washington was called the Father of His Country"
mISmoH pongvam, puq ghajbe'mo' ghaH. "which is misleading, as he did not have offspring."
'e'ler Qomrav jIH "I am E'ler Qomrav,"
'ej juHDaj lutlhDaq qaDev net raD. "and I have been assigned the task of guiding you through his primitive home."
Daqvam machDaq chotlhej. "You will accompany me at this meager site,"
naDev qach'a'Daj, molpa'Daj, "where we will see his mansion, his burial chamber,"
Du' Ha'DIbaHmey, laSvarghmey je DIlegh. "production facilities, and an archive of relics in the museum."
qach'a'Daq tagh HoqHom "Begin at the mansion"
wejvatlh ben 'oH chenmoH Augustine Washington, George vav. "which was constructed 300 Earth years ago by Augustine Washington, father of George."
Washington qach HeHvo' Potomac bIQtIQ qu' yIlegh. "Observe the formidable Potomac River from the Piazza,"
pa'vo' bIQtIq lubej je Washington Sa', Martha be'nalDaj je, "just as the General and his wife Martha often did"
yIntaHvIS. "when they were alive."
HuDHomDaq Sa' qorDu' je molqach yIlegh je. "See too their final resting place in the Tomb."
naDev lo'laHbe' HochHom tI. "Most of the vegetation here is worthless"
Sopbe'lu' net Hechmo'. "as it is not meant for eating."
Washington Du'Daq Ha'DIbaHmey law' [wegh/weH]. "Washington kept hordes of animals on his farm."
Ha'DI'baH luSoplu' net tuch. "Consuming his lifestock is forbidden."
pulmoHwI' qach yIlegh. "See the gristmill,"
ngat latlh Soj je lulIngmeH "where wheels of stone grind up"
tIr lupulmoH nagh rutlhmey "grain for sustenance,"
pul je Washington jaghmey HomDu' net pIH. "and presumably, the bones of Washington's fallen enemies"
may'Daq yay chav Washington. "Washington was a victorious warrior in battle."
'angweDDaq ta'meyDaj law' luloplu'. "His many accomplishments are celebrated in the museum."
pa' Ho'Du'Daj tu'lu' je. "There is also a set of his teeth among the relics,"
'uSqang Ho''a', latlhpu' HomDu' je yugh. "which was made from iron, ivory, and the teeth of others."
Qe' DaSuchbe' 'e' vIchup. "I suggest that you do not visit the restaurant."
'Iw HIq jabbe', "They do not serve bloodwine,"
'ej qagh'e' vutlaHbe' je. "and are not capable of preparing a bowl of gagh."
George Washington Sa' HoS Ho'nISlu'bej. "The strength of General Washington is admirable,"
'ach QIvqu' juHDaj mach 'e' [Qul]ba' tlhIngan. "even though his puny home is dwarfed by Klingon standards."
Human yab Qor yajlu' 'e' Dub "However, a visit to his home should improve one's understanding of the human mind,"
'ej chaq lI' Sovvam "which might prove useful if we again"
yol wISIQqa'chugh. "endure conflict with the human race."


  • The website uses back and forth tilting Apostrophes (as in ‘eSpanya’) which is obviously linked to auto-formatting setting of their programming software.
  • The translation contains lots of the new words released at qep'a' 23 in 2016


1 : Klingon visitation guide on, published 31 March 2017

2 : Mount Vernon's Klingon Visitation Guide on YouTube, uploaded 01 April 2017

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