Newsgroup message of June 29, 1997

Subject: Re: Some quick questions...(3)


Maltz does not talk about the Klingon body part Kivon


Newsgroup: Microsoft Network expert forum
Date: 29 Jun 1997


Neal Schermerhorn asked:
> 3) Whatever possessed you to not 'pursue' the meaning of qIvon???
> If Maltz is awake, maybe you could ask him?

Actually, I tried to "pursue" the meaning of qIvon. Maltz seemed a little reluctant to talk about it. (I'd say "embarrassed," but that word is entirely inappropriate to use in describing a Klingon.) The next time the bloodwine is flowing freely, I'll try to remember to bring it up again. But I've noticed that, for me, anyway, bloodwine and memory don't mix.

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