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Important details about lengths ans measurements


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Neal wrote:
> Marc:
> In KGT you give us some great words - Saw' (have a depth of), 'aD (have a
> length of), muq (have a volume of), and ngI' (have a weight of).
> So can I say vagh 'uj vI'aD to mean 'I am five *'uj*s tall?
> I can certainly say jav 'uj 'aD QongDaqwIj and cha' qelI'qam Saw'
> ngengvam. But what words do we use to indicate the volume or weight of
> something?
> How about area?
> Qermaq

We don't know a whole lot about Klingon weights and measures, but here's a little more information that may be helpful.

(1) The word for "have a width of" is juch.

(2) There are two words used for length: 'aD and 'ab. Both of these can be translated "have a length of," but they are used somewhat differently. 'aD is used in contrast with juch "have a width of" in measuring, say, a tabletop. 'ab, on the other hand, is used for (potentially) longish, skinnyish things (for example, spears) and also for heights. Thus, one might say:

jav 'ujmey 'ab SuvwI' "the warrior has a length of six ujs" (about 6'10")

[jav "six"; 'ujmey, plural of 'uj, a unit of measure; 'ab "has a length of"; SuvwI' "warrior"]

This might sound a little more natural as "the warrior stands six ujs" or "the warrior is six ujs tall."

One could also say:

vagh 'ujmey vI'ab "I have a length of five ujs" (about 5'8") or "I'm five ujs tall"
[vagh "five"; vI'ab "I have a length of"]

And it is, of course, acceptable to leave out the plural suffix -mey when a number precedes the measure word, in this case 'uj":

wej 'uj 'ab naQjej "the spear has a length of three uj" (about 3'5")
or "the spear measures three uj"
or "the spear is three uj long"

[wej "three"; naQjej "spear"]

(3) The verb juv "measure" refers to the action of somebody who is taking a measurement:

naQjej vIjuv "I measure the spear"
[naQjej "spear"; vIjuv "I measure it"]

(4) The only unit of volume I'm aware of is tlho'ren. I'm not exactly sure how much one tlho'ren is, but it seems to be in the quart/liter range.

(5) A common unit of weight is cheb, which is around five pounds (2.25 kg or so).

I'll have to do some more digging to find out about area.

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