Vocabulary related to music

This page lists all words related to music and musical instruments. If you search for Klingon music, see the page music.


word translation note
QoQ music
bang bom love song
bom song
bomwI' singer
bom mu' lyrics
jeS jazz
muchwI' musician
SIrgh string
yutlhegh musical scale, range, spectrum Festival of the spoken Nerd


word translation note
bom sing
chu' play an instrument
much perform
yach strum


word translation note
baS 'In bell
buq'ach type of brass instrument trombone
DIr 'In drum percussion instrument with a stretched animal skin
Dov'agh flute; fife
gheb horn
ghogh voice
HIvje'He piano in a piano bar
HurDagh stringed intrument (general) guitar
jan musical instrument a general term for all instruments
leSpal stringed intrument guitar
may'ron accordion; concertina
may'ron raS piano
meSchuS large wind intrument
mupwI'Hom mallet (for striking a musical instrument)
naQHom stick (used to strike percussion instrument) drumsticks
nItlh gheb trumpet
ngItHel stringed instrument, which is bowed violin
Sam shawm this is a Terran instrument
SIrgh pangwI' may'ron raS harpsichord
Supghew stringed instrument ukulele
SuS may'ron raS organ
'In percussion instrument either a drum or a bell
tIngDagh stringed instrument cello
'o'lav type of drum

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