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My Heart Will Go On

My Heart Will Go On is a song recorded by Canadian singer Céline Dion in 1997, which served as the main theme song to the movie "Titanic".(1)(2) It was translated by Melanie Roney as taH tIqwIj, and included on the Klingon Pop Warrior's first album "Warrior Woman", in 2014.(3)(4) She performed this song live at WindyCon in 2015, a video of which has been posted to YouTube.(5)


These lyrics were translated by Melanie Roney. (6)

Klingon Back translation
Hoch ram jInaj. I dream every night.
jInajtaH; vIlegh, vIHot je. I'm dreaming; I see him, and touch him.
vIHotmo'; bItaH. 'e' vISov.
Hop chuq. naDev SoHbe'.
tInqu'bej maHtaH joj.
'ach bItaHlaHtaH. 'e' Da'ang.
bISum. bIHop. vogh SoHtaH.
taHtaHbej tIqwIj. 'e' vIHarqu'.
lojmItvam DapoSmoHqa'.
vaj, bomDI' 'IwwIj qaqaw.
taHtaH tIqwIj 'ej SIQtaH.
wa'logh DuDuQchugh parmaq,
vaj Hochlogh taHtaH.
not mev. not 'uchHa'. taHtaH 'oH.
parmaqna' SoHbejqu'.
poH vImaS. vI'uchqu'.
jIyInvIS; reH maHtaH. Dunqu'.
bISum. bIHop. vogh SoHtaH. You are close. You are far. You are somewhere.
taHtaHbej tIqwIj. 'e' vIHarqu'. My heart will go on. I believe it.
lojmItvam DapoSmoHqa'. You have opened this door again.
vaj, bomDI' 'IwwIj qaqaw. So, The memory of you sings in my blood.
taHtaH tIqwIj 'ej SIQtaH.
naDev SoHtaH. vItaHvIpbe'.
taHtaH tIqwIj. 'e' vISovbej.
mamuSHa'chuq. reH machoHbe'.
tIqwIjDaq SoH. bIQaD.
'ej taHtaH tIqwIj 'ej SIQtaH.

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