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Logo of Napflix

Napflix Okrand.jpg
Okrand on Napflix


Napflix is the name of a spanish streaming service, which intentionally presents absolutely boring movies from YouTube, so the viewer can falls asleep easily - hence the word nap in the name. It was initiated on 24 october 2016 using a parody name similar to "Netflix". (1)

One of their shows is a video by Marc Okrand which is actually taken from one of the behind the scenes on the DVD of 2002. (2)


1 : (de) Klingonen-Grammatik und Regenschauer - Napflix zeigt totlangweilige Videos als Einschlafhilfe, 3. Nov 2016

2 : Napflix Is A Netflix For People Who Need To Go To Sleep, Like, Right Now by Rhett Jones on 04 Nov 2016

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