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Since the release of the books The Klingon Dictionary, The Klingon Way and Klingon For The Galactic Traveler, Marc Okrand is continously publishing new words. All of his words are considered canon.

From 1993 to 2005 those words were collected on the website of the KLI. Since 2006 there is an additional list on the homepage of the Saarbrücken qepHom, which contains all new vocabulary since 2005 (1).

In autumn 2015 there was a complete overhaul of the KLI website in which both lists were merged, so in this way there is now one complete list of all words since 1993. It contains references and several sorting functions. The new words list at has not been updated since then for that reason.


There currently are around 4,300 words with over 4,800 definitions(2). This means that only 33% were included in the original The Klingon Dictionary of 1985. All originally published canon sources (TKD + addendum + KGT) contain 2,426 entries, which is exactly 50% of the currently known vocabulary.


Independent from the named list, the vocabulary of several softwares and websites are also updated regularly: David Yonge-Mallo updates the app boQwI' regularly and the site of the Klingon Assault Group (KAG) is also updated regularly.

New words lists

During the past years, Okrand has published much more new words, based on wish lists compiled by attendees of the German qepHom and the KLI's qep'a'. Almost all of the new words and grammatical clarifications are listed in these following pages on this wiki. Note that this is not a complete list, it only shows events where lots of words were revealed. For a really complete list, see the KLI's list.


1 : List of new words from 2005 until 2014 on, retrieved 30.12.2015

2 : counted after qep'a' 2022 in August 2022


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