New words appearing in Netflix

Netflix has used a lot of Klingon language for their international promotion of Star Trek: Discovery, which was mostly provided by Lieven L. Litaer. He also translated the Klingon subtitles for the show, which were available worldwide, except in the USA and Canada. Marc Okrand has revealed lots of new words for these. Some of these words were published at the qepHom 2017 (which happened between episode 8 and 9).

Canon words

Word Translation Appearance
Dop va. be opposite, antithetical, contradictory 1.13 - What's Past Is Prologue
DuHmor n. palace 1.12 - Vaulting Ambition
ghe' vi. be transformed, metamorphosed 1.14 - The War Without, The War Within
ghe'moH vt. transform 1.14 - The War Without, The War Within
ghormaghenDer n. Gormagender, "space whale" 1.07 - Magic to make the sanest man go mad
jem vt. sense, feel, perceive, detect 1.08 - Si vis pacem, para bellum
jem'IH n. castle, fortress not used, but an alternative for DuHmor
loy' vi. have a personality 1.06 - Lethe
lut mIr n. series (of stories, movies, etc.) Netflix Press Release
maleSya' n. Malaysia 1.15 - Will you take my hand?
mughbogh permey n. subtitles (only for translating subtitles) Netflix Press Release
peS vt. supply, furnish, provide, dispense Netflix Press Release
qatra' n. katra, the Vulcan soul 1.06 - Lethe
qaw n. memory (ability to remember) 1.15 - Will you take my hand?
qulHuD n. volcano 1.15 - Will you take my hand?
quq va. be simultaneous (in addition to "happen simultaneously") 1.10 - Despite Yourself
QIl va. be desperate (being in a no-way-out situation) 1.15 - Will you take my hand?
rIS vi. make a cracking or snapping sound, emit a signal 1.02 - Battle at the binary stars
SanmIr n. spore 1.03 - Context is for Kings
SIr'o' n. web, mesh, lattice, nexus 1.04 - The Butcher's knife cares not...
tIw vi. react emotionally, behave emotionally 1.09 - Into the forest I go
tlhapragh n. monster 1.04 - The Butcher's knife cares not...
weS vt. lose, undergo a reduction of, suffer a reduction of 1.09 - Into the forest I go
woq vt. confirm 1.07 - Magic to make the sanest man go mad
wov'on n. memory (a thing which a person remembers) 1.15 - Will you take my hand?
'oray n. Orion (star) 1.15 - Will you take my hand?
'orayngan n. Orion (person) 1.15 - Will you take my hand?
'ot vt. withhold (information) Netflix Press Release
'otHa' vt. disclose, divulge (information) Netflix Press Release


Instead of 'oray one can also say 'orayya' (and 'orayya'ngan). That spelling was approved by Okrand, but not used in the subtitles.

Editors Transliterations

Most names of planets and people were not confirmed by Okrand, so these are not considered canon. As some needed to be spoken by Klingon, Robyn Stewart had to transliterate these to a Klingon sounding word. Since the subtitles were only in a written version, transliteration was not necessary, and only done in rare occasions.

Word Translation Appearance Note
Harlaq Harlak (planet)
qanQIy loS Cancri 4 (planet) episode 1.06 - Lethe This spelling was later vetted at qepHom 2019
qanQI' Cancri (individual) episode 1.06 - Lethe This is NOT vetted
SanmIr QuQ spore drive episode 1.03 - Context is for Kings


In the subtitles, the spore drive was literally translated as SanmIr QuQ, but this has not been confirmed as canon, since it was not clearly known (at the beginning) how the spore drive really functions. Technically spoken, SanmIr QuQ is incorrect and does not follow the pattern of other known drives.

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