New words released at qepHom 2011

qepHom 2011 was the tenth anniversary qepHom in Saarbrücken. It happened on 11.11.11. Maltz has provided some words which were printed as a letter in the qepHom booklet.

qepHom details

Marc Okrand attended as a guest and published the book paq'batlh: The Klingon Epic.

List of new words

The following table sorts them by Klingon alphabetical order. Click on one of the titles to sort otherwise.

word type translation note
Qur n. structure, organization the way things fit together
ren v. design, map out, plan
renwI' n. designer can also be used for "architect"


The difference between ren and 'ogh invent is that 'ogh implies creating something that hasn't been created before. ren also is different from nab plan which is used for planning an event (or a battle strategy or whatever), just as the noun nab "plan" cannot be used to refer to blueprints. For that, the word pu'jIn is used.

During this qepHom, some students took the chance and asked Okrand for details on the usage of some words.

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