New words released at qepHom 2012

During the 11th qepHom'a', happening November 15 to 18, 2012, one new word was revealed plus a short message.

qepHom details

The motto of the year was "Alarm für qepHom 11", referring to the German TV series "Alarm für Cobra 11" (Alarm for Cobra 11).

Hubert Zitt held a guest lecture at this qepHom.

Message from Maltz

Marc Okrand did not attend this qepHom, but he forwarded some greetings from Maltz.
wa' ben qepHom wa'maHDIchDaq ghoqwI' vIngeHta'. ghoqwI' 'Iv? pegh.
cheghDI' ghoqwI', qepHom Del.
„Doj qepHom,“ jatlh ghoqwI'. „tlhIngan Hol luHaD ghojwI'pu'. tlhIngan Hol lujatlh ghojwI'pu'. tlhIngan wo' luquvmoH ghojwI'pu'.“
maj. jIQuch.
taHjaj qepHom!
peHaDchu', 'ach petIv.
tlhIngan maH!

List of new words

There was only one new word revealed: weQmoQnaQ which is "the closest thing to world wide web".

In addition, Marc Okrand explained that there is no verb meaning "be fast". For that, a construction using the adverbial nom must be used:
Maltz was unaware of an adjective meaning "fast" (or "slow" for that matter). He said in Klingon you wouldn't say that something is fast - you'd say it moves fast. So instead of "You have a fast ship," you could say nom leng DujlIj "Your ship travels fast" or nom leng Duj Daghajbogh "The ship that you have travels fast." If "your fast ship" is supposed to be the subject or object of a sentence, you could say something like tInqu' nom lengbogh DujlIj "Your ship that travels fast is very big" (or, less literally, "Your fast ship is very big") or nom lengbogh DujlIj vIlegh "I see your ship that travels fast" (or "I see your fast ship").

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