New words released at qepHom 2014

During the 13th qepHom'a', happening November 13-16, 2014, Maltz has released some new words. The geometry terms were released during a small qepHom happening at Lieven's home in January 2014(1). Okrand also vetted some words that had appeared in the book The Klingon Art of War.

List of new words

The following table sorts them by Klingon alphabetical order. Click on one of the titles to sort otherwise.

Klingon Translation Topic
baghHa' v. untie, slang for crack a code computer
buq'Ir n. cube Geometry
chaw' ngoq n. password computer
Deq v. be erstwhile, former, prior, ex- general
De'wI'Hom n. laptop computer
De'wI' tIS n. laptop computer
DonHa' v. be misaligned Geometry
DujtlhuQ n. star (shape) Geometry
gho 'Impey' n. cone Geometry
gho tut n. cylinder Geometry
law n. degree (unit of angle) ancient term geometry
lawrI' n. degree (unit of angle) modern term geometry
leD v. be perpendicular geometry
leQ n. mouse button computer
letbaQ n. rectangle Geometry
(De'wI') loHjan n. CPU computer
loS reD 'Impey' n. pyramid with four-sided base Geometry
loS reD mey' n. quadrilateral Geometry
meS v. knot, slang for encrypt computer
meSHa' v. un-knot, slang for decrypt computer
mey' n. polygon Geometry
(De'wI') nItlh 'echlet n. keyboard computer
qal'aq n. frame, framework, supporting structure, skeleton general
qu'vu' n. pyramid with three-sided base Geometry
ra'Duch n. triangle Geometry
ra'Duch quv n. isosceles triangle Geometry
ra'Duch tIQ n. equilateral triangle Geometry
ra'Duch tut n. prism with three-sided base Geometry
raS De'wI' n. desktop computer computer
rutlhHom n. scroll wheel on mouse computer
Santay n. zantai (honorific, grade 4) honorific
So' v. hide, used for encrypt computer
So'Ha' v. decloak, used for decrypt computer
Sutay n. sutai (honorific, grade 3) honorific
tay n. tai (honorific, grade 1) honorific
toSwI' qal'aq n. climbing apparatus, jungle gym general
vagh reD 'Impey' n. pyramid with five-sided base Geometry
vagh reD mey' n. pentagon Geometry
vayya' n. isosceles triangle Geometry
veStay n. vestai (honorific, grade 2) honorific
'echlet Hab n. touchpad computer
'eQway' n. mouse computer
'Impey' n. pyramid Geometry
'Internet n. internet computer
'Iptay n. epetai (honorific, grade 5) honorific
'uy v. click (a button) computer

Word from The Art of War

Klingon Translation Topic
batqul n. B'aht Qul challenge, a Klingon game
chuSwI' n. type of rodent that lives underground and makes annoying noise animals
Da'ar n. Dahar-Master
DIr rop n. a specific skin disease from the time of Kahless (not a general term for diseases)
HabwI' n. one who is smooth (flat-foreheaded Klingon; term used by children only)
jInjoq n. type of Klingon bread food
mI'lInnID n. M'Lind, father of K'Ratak names
ngengroQ n. a mythical huge creature, ten times as large as Kortar; extinct now, amphibic animal and may be up to one kellicam large. Some people believe the measure of one kellicam was named after the creature.
qaDrav n. a place in the first city, "place of challenges"
qeS'a' n. "The Big advice", title of "The Art of War"
qInlat n. Quin'lat, the city where the story of Kahless happens, where a man stands outside to wait for the storm to come and then dies.
qorvaq n. Qorvak, a warrior without honor, who had killed somebody while sleeping. That's why Klingons use this name as a synonym for "coward". names
qorvIt n. Korvit, type of animal which farmers try to capture with korvit-traps. These animals come at night and eat the fruits from the fields. They can destroy entire fields.
qo' Sor n. The big "Tree of the worlds", where the ancient Klingon gods used to live in.
Qa'taq n. K'Ratak, son of M'Lind, an important and well known Klingon author
QIngheb n. an ancient weapon similar to the ghIntaq-spear. The handle is longer and the blade has a bent horn at the end. Not used very often anymore.
QuchHa' n. the unhappy (flat-foreheaded Klingons; Maltz does not know this word
ruv'etlh n. sword of justice
tlha'veq n. Klavek, a Klingon author who presumably wrote parts of the ancient paq'batlh names
tlhIghaq n. trigak, a forest animal, predatory animal with sharp teeth animals
tlhInja n. Klin zha, a well known Klingon game
tlhonghaD n. klongat, an animal which attacks with surprise and gives its prey no chance to defend animals
wa'jo''a' n. Wa'Joh'a', the first Klingon god
wam n. type of Klingon snake, hiding in the grass to attack animals
yobta' yupma' n. festival to celebrate the end of harvest
'a'Setbur n. Azetbur, daughter of chancellor Gorkon names


  • The idiomatic usage Deq HoD means "The captain is history".
  • For the mouse buttons, you can distinguish between poS leQ and nIH leQ.
  • Maltz insisted that 'Internet is a Klingon term.
  • The verb naj is a verb that can take as an object something that is being dreamt of. So the phrase qul naj in the book does not mean "fire dream", it means "He dreams of fire".


Okrand explained the expression wa'maH wej, literally "13" meaning that something is complicated. There's another slang expression with the same meaning: wa' wa' wa'.

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1 : Re: our virtual "date" on saturday, email of 25 Jan 2014, archived at


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