New words released at qepHom 2015

During the 14th qepHom'a' happening October 29 to November 1, 2015, Maltz has released some new words.

qepHom Details

Marc Okrand attended the meeting from beginning till the end. During the qepHom, several scenes were shot for the documentary Conlanging.

Manfred Strauß held a guest lecture about "science vs. fiction".

List of new words

The following table sorts them by Klingon alphabetical order. Click on one of the titles to sort otherwise.

Klingon Translation Note
baS Ha'on n. staple
bIQyIn n. cookie sandwich two chabHommey stuck together
chabal n. something desired or requested
DIr paH bID n. kilt-like garment DIr bID is sufficient if the context is clear.
Dut v. slam down object is the thing slammed down
ghav n. carbon chemistry
ghID v. pierce, perforate
gho paq n. binder, notebook something you can add and remove pages from
ghogh'ot n. bill, payment request, something you must pay
Ha'on n. staple
Ha'on vevwI' n. stapler
HeySel n. atom chemistry
jal v. imagine, envision
jIn v. wish
jIr excl. Whoop-dee-doo!, La-dee-dah!, Who cares?!, Big deal!
julSIp n. helium chemistry
laS v. ink up, put paint on a brush
may' Sut n. body armor battle clothing
mej'aD n. artery
nav QIn n. letter message written on paper
nav vaH n. envelope lit. paper cover
nIqDob n. perforator, hole punch
no'negh n. sulfur chemistry
ngaH v. squeeze (an object)
ngIDvoS n. lead (element) chemistry
paw'aD n. vein
pe'meH 'echlet n. cutting board
pID v. slang for laS (ink up, put paint on a brush)
qoch v. squeeze into (a space) The object is the space into which the subject is squeezing itself.
qol'om n. gold chemistry
qoq De'wI' Dojmey n. botnet (computer jargon)
rItlh 'echlet n. ink pad
SIrlIy n. silver
SIryoD n. body armor (old form) prefered by Maltz
Sorpuq n. copper chemistry
SuqSIv n. core of an apple, planet, sun, but not a group
Su'nIm n. raised profile, ridges, pattern as in fingerprints, tires, shoe tread
tamler n. element chemistry
tarDIghaD n. tardigrade animals
taw n. road, street, path, etc. physical version of He
tenwal n. page in a book
tera' bIQ lung'a' n. alligator, crocodile animals
tera' nagh DIr charwI' n. snail animals
toqwIn n. (rubber) stamp
tlhat n. grid either two-dimensional array or lines on a map
vem n. print, mark, tracks, image or pattern left in the dirt from stepping on it
vev v. insert, put in
war n. column (in a table or spreadsheet)
wa'chaw n. spreadsheet, table
wev n. row (in a table or spreadsheet)
yang n. image from a (rubber) stamp
yugh v. include, consist of, be composed of (in chemistry) chemistry
yu'muD n. form (to be filled out)
'alnIl n. (belt) buckle
'eQway' 'echlet n. mouse pad
'otlh poH n. Planck time
'otlhQeD n. quantum physics science
'otlhtej n. quantum physicist science
'o'rIS n. molecule science
'uSqan n. iron (element) science

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