New words released at qepHom 2016

The qepHom 2016 was the fifteenth qepHom in Saarbrücken. It took place from 3rd to 6th November 2016. During this qepHom, Maltz has released some new words. Many of these originated in the Art Tour "From Pittsburghese To Klingon". Some of the new words had first appered in the Smithsonian Go Flight App.

List of new words

The word 'arab Hol Arabic language was revealed for the art tour, but it was not included in the qepHom's word list.

The following table sorts them by Klingon alphabetical order. Click on one of the titles to sort otherwise.

word type translation clarification
bartIq n. branch (of a tree)
baS laSvargh n. foundry
baS SIrgh n. wire
belghIya' n. Belgium country names
bIQ ghItmoHwI' n. fountain
bIraSIw n. Brazil country names
bon v. share with B-vaD C bon A: A shares C with B
cheSqa' n. Czech Republic country names
chIq v. cross, transverse
chungHa'wI' n. brake
DabqI' n. mud, clay, putty
Daq noy n. landmark (not a building)
De' QulwI' n. librarian
DI'on n. characteristic, trait
DoQmIv'a' n. bathtub, swimming pool when needed, distinguish by qualifiers: Say'moHmeH DoQmIv'a', QalmeH DoQmIv'a'
Du'Hom n. garden
ghan v. be hectic, very active, lively
ghanHa' v. be peaceful, calm
ghaptal n. equator
ghav 'uSqan n. steel
ghIt v. flow (e.g., water), gush, spout
ghommeH yotlh n. plaza, courtyard
ghuQ n. poem
Han v. be learned, scholarly, erudite
Hutvav n. nerve (anatomy, physiology)
Hutvav rarwI' n. neural synapse
jaDchu' v. juggle (objects, not tasks)
jeS, jeS QoQ n. jazz (music) loanword
jey' n. tin chemistry
jey' Sorpuq n. bronze chemistry
jInmol pa' n. studio, workspace
lat n. monument, memorial (building)
leng chach mab n. trip insurance ["voyage emergency contract"]
letSeburgh n. Luxembourg country names
lIbya' n. Libya country names
lIHtentay' n. Lichtenstein country names
lIn v. share C (lu)lIn A B je: A and B share C; lInchuq implies a physical relationship of some sort
logh chal je 'angweD n. planetarium
logh chal je 'angweD qach n. planetarium (building)
mab n. agreement, contract, commitment
maghrIb n. Morocco country names
majyang mIllogh n. mosaic
meHghem n. arts, the arts, culture A bigger, more comprehensive term covering "the arts" or "art" as opposed to "science." So it includes music, theater, dance, etc. as well as visual art. It's "culture" in this sense.
mItlh v. forge (metal)
mIyama n. Burma/Myanmar country names
mI'tej n. mathematician science
morgh n. unit of area (27 square 'ujmey)
mutlh v. manufacture, construct, put together
naw'wat n. remote, small, desolate place
nayjerya' n. Nigeria country names
nuyorgh n. New York city names
ngutlh n. letter, written character
paq Duj n. bookmobile
paq nojwI' n. librarian
paq nojwI' qach n. library (building)
paq nojwI' tum n. library (public)
peQnagh n. magnet
pet v. be welded (together)
pe'bIl n. lightning
pItlhbergh n. Pittsburgh (US) city names
po'lISqa' n. Poland country names
qach noy n. landmark (building)
qenya' n. Kenya country names
quba' n. Cuba country names
Qechjem'a' n. trunk (of tree)
QIn tum n. postal service
QIn tum qach n. post office (building)
QongDaq 'echlet tun n. mattress
Qu v. cast (metal)
QumeH ngaSwI' n. mold (for casting)
rem v. suck (e.g. through a straw)
req n. wax
rI'meH wovmoHwI' n. beacon
SaQatvelo' n. Georgia country names
SeD v. drive (a land vehicle)
Sep n. country
SIlovenISqa' n. Slovakia country names
Surya' n. Syria country names
SuwISya' n. Switzerland country names
taw 'ay' n. city block
tera' 'arDeH n. ivy (Terran)
tungyen n. concrete
tur v. carry out, conduct (a mission), perform (duties)
tu'qom n. shape, form, appearance, configuration
tlhop n. public area
van Hew n. monument, memorial (sculpture)
van qach n. monument, memorial (building)
velSo' n. chromium
velSo' 'uSqan n. stainless steel
veneSwe'la' n. Venezuela country names
vev v. pin, attach or fasten with a pin
vIncha' n. furnace
vIqraq n. artifact, work of art More general than a visual piece of art. It covers that, but also an artifact (not in the archaeological sense), handicraft, gizmo, gadget, contraption, machine, device, etc. - that is, something manufactured/made.
In 2021, Okrand confirmed again that this is not restricted to art only. If a craftsman produces something, that is called vIqraq as well.
vItlh v. be high, great (in quantity, size, intensity)
vI'laS n. fog, mist
vol n. pane, panel, sheet (not for bed)
vun v. order (in a restaurant, from a catalog, etc.)
wabDo n. Mach As a spelling convention, wab Do speed of sound is written as two words. When used as a measurement term ("Mach"), it's written as one word (wabDo). The pronunciation (and, for that matter, meaning) is the same.
wanI' n. effect [e.g. Herghqoq wanI' placebo effect]
waS v. be wrong, awry
wa' rutlh qam Do Duj n. unicycle
yab qoD n. subconscious mind
yeru'Sala'yIm n. Jerusalem city names
yInbogh lom n. zombie
yotlh n. park (e.g., recreational)
'al v. float (in/on air)
'al'on n. glass (material)
'amerI'qa' tIng chan tIng n. South America country names
'amerI'qa' 'ev chan 'ev n. North America country names
'anDo'ra' n. Andorra country names
'antartIq n. Antarctica country names
'angweD n. museum
'arDeH n. ivy-like plant
'arHentInya' n. Argentina country names
'aSralya' n. Australia country names
'aSya' n. Asia country names
'avrI'qa' n. Africa country names
'a'ghen n. professor, master teacher
'a'leghen'I' n. Allegheny (River, Mountains; US) city names
'emvI' n. pin (straight)
'eqwaDor n. Ecuador country names
'eStIy n. Estonia country names
'ewrop n. Europe country names
'eyawaDIy n. Irrawaddy (River in Burma/Myanmar)
'eyre' n. Ireland country names
'IDnar n. magic, wizardry
'ISlan n. Iceland country names
'Iw remwI' n. vampire
'oSteray' n. Austria country names
'o'roy' n. chalk

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