New words released at qepHom 2020

Due to the Corona-pandemic, the annual Germany qepHom'a' of 2020 had to be cancelled entirely. The organizers decided not to do an online event. Instead of that, all attendees received a package with the materials that would have been given at the qepHom. This included the exercise booklet, which contained several new words and expressions requested by the attendees and proofed by Marc Okrand.

List of new words

The following table sorts them by Klingon alphabetical order. Click on one of the titles to sort otherwise. Notes in [brackets] are not Okrand's words, but just for clarification.

word type translation topic
ber v. ovulate, undergo ovulation (i.e. the discharge of a mature ovum from the ovary) sexuality
bertlham taymey n. epilogue
bewSom n. mixture of ingredients that, after a bit of time, produces fermented HIq.
bewSom pa' n. brewery [room]; Maltz thought that maybe this was shortened from something like bewSom roghmeH qegh pa' "vat for fermenting bewSom room" or "bewSom fermenting vat room", but he wasn't sure about that.
bewSom qach n. brewery [building]
bI'reS taymey n. prologue
buq'ach n. trombone-like Klingon instrument, so a Terran trombone would be a tera' buq'ach.
chenHa' meyrI' v. fail to climax (slang), lit. "the square malforms"
qul chenmoH v. light a fire, ignite fire
chI v. menstruate, undergo menstruation sexuality
chuv n. leftover (also used for money change)
ghaS v. indicate, signal
ghItlhwI' 'echlet n. chalk board, flip chart
ghuch v. climax, is not heard as frequently as a couple of slang expressions: meQ (literally, "burn") and HutmaH chav (literally, "achieve 90"). sexuality
ghuj v. pivot, swivel [what the door knob does when you push it down]
ghujmoH v. pivot, swivel [would you do to a door knob]
HIjmeH 'ap n. fee paid when bringing certain commodities into a jurisdiction
HIjmeH 'ap pIn n. customs officer
HIvje'He n. piano in a piano bar
Hoq v. pull; as in pulling a child's wagon (by its handle) or for a train engine to pull the train along or to pull an electrical plug out of the wall.
HommaH n. appendix (of a book)
Hovje'voH n. evolution (Darwinian), technical or scientific term Evolution
Ho'yI' n. bow (for arrows)
HuqmeH 'ap n. excise tax, sales tax, VAT
Hur v. pull, tug; refers to the action of pulling back the string of the bow but also to pulling the handle on a door to open or close the door or to pulling on someone's suspenders.
HurDagh chuHwI' n. bow (for arrows) (not a Klingon device), lit. "stringed-instrument hurler"
HurwI' n. bow (for arrows) (not a Klingon device) (short form)
HutmaH n. sexual climax (slang), literally "90." Maltz didn't know how 90 got to be associated with climaxing. sexuality
jejSIp n. acetylene chemistry
jIrmoH v. crank, can be used for turning a doorknob.
lenmeS rop n. Lenmes disease, a native Klingon disease caused by a bacterium. Its symptoms include high fever, weakness, and perhaps abdominal pain, headaches, and a skin rash. medical terms
maqDar n. mak'dar, Klingon insult cursing
may'ron raS n. piano
mutchoH n. evolution (Darwinian), less technical term Evolution
namyaS n. hood (of a cloak, robe, sweatshirt, or whatever)
navSu' n. key, legend (as on a map)
paSta' n. Terran pasta, noodles, spaghetti. This is a Terran thing (or things), so they borrowed the word. transliteration
pomtut n. battering ram
pupHa' v. be approximate; If it's necessary to hedge one's bets adverbially, chaq "perhaps" and ghaytan "likely" are acceptable.
pupqa' v. bribe (slang)
qeqchu' v. train really well, to work really hard at it and achieve intended goals
qet'uy n. pine cone, something that grows on certain kinds of trees and looks much like a pine cone as seen on Earth. botany
qoro'na javtIm n. corona virus medical terms
qo'vID wa'maH Hut n. Covid 19 (SARS-CoV-2 disease) medical terms
qul qaDwI' n. firefighter, lit. fire challenger fire
qul QongmoHwI' n. firefighter, one who puts fires to sleep, but that's usually not applied until the fire is actually out. fire
qul SuvwI' n. firefighter, lit. fire fighter, fire warrior fire
qul tlhay'moHwI' n. firefighter, lit. fire tamer (less frequent) fire
QongmoH v. extinguish fire, lit. put to sleep, cause to sleep fire
rem'ay' n. diaphragm, thoracic diaphragm (body part) body parts
Sor 'IventoH n. pine cone, lit. tree pineapple; the proper term is qet'uy.
tab v. wane, ebb, dwindle (talking about phases of a moon), idiomatic usage: "not applying yourself fully to the task at hand"
tabHa' v. wax (talking about phases of a moon)
targho'nI' n. tungsten chemistry
tarngeb n. uranium chemistry
taymey n. section of a book or play or the like that's separate from the main portion of the work. taymey is a frozen form and is considered singular. It's okay to say taymeymey
teywI' 'echlet n. chalkboard or whiteboard or any similar surface that can be erased and reused
tochmu' n. bribe / normally used with the verb chup (recommend, suggest) and sometimes with much (present).
tlham rI'gheS n. parachute, lit. gravity deflector. Apparatus that creates some sort of force field that counters gravity when descending.
tlhay v. embalm; refers to infusing a dead body with some sort of fluid to preserve it (and thereby create a jItuj'ep mummy).
tlho' Huch n. tip, lit. gratitude money; Maltz said the concept was weird.
va'chum n. sponge (for cleaning)
veqtal n. VeK'tal; The VeK'tal response is a measure of Klingon physiological condition
vemmoH v. light a fire, lit. wake up, cause to wake up fire
wejHa' adv. already, means something along the lines of "before now" or "as of now."
woj tlhuD v. be radioactive, lit. "emit radiation"
'alwI' n. floater, informal word for parachute, the old-fashioned contraption that resembles an umbrella
'ap n. dues, toll
'ebHIv n. apparatus used to distill various concoctions into an acceptable form of HIq
'ebHIv pa' n. distillery [room]
'ebHIv qach n. distillery [building]
'ebraH n. climax (sexual) sexuality
'o'nI' Sub n. solid foam (like styrofoam)
'uch v. keep (in the combination of change)

Clarifications and additions

How to say: raise (one's) eyebrow(s)

Klingons, other than those suffering the aftereffects of the Klingon Augment crisis, generally can't raise their eyebrows, but there are, nevertheless, a couple of ways to describe this facial movement commonly seen in other species, the most frequently heard involving the verb wanHa' "be crooked, bent" (or, more commonly, wanHa'moH "make crooked, crook, bow, flex, bend"), as in Huy'Daj wanHa'moH ("he/she flexes/bends/crooks his/her eyebrow").

Other verbs are also sometimes used:
'ob / 'obmoH "curve, be curved, arced" / "curve, arch"
SIH / SIHmoH "bend" / "(cause to) bend"

How to say: nod in agreement

The verb qel ("nod") refers only to the motion of the head, not what such a motion may or may not indicate.

To express that the nodding means something, such as agreement, you could say something like Qochbe' vaj qel nachDaj ("he/she agrees so his/her head nods").

It is also possible to make use of ghaS ("indicate, signal"), for example, Qochbe' 'e' ghaSmeH qel nachDaj ("His/her head nods in order to indicate that he/she agrees") or Qochbe' 'e' ghaSmeH qel ghaH ("He/she nods in order to indicate that heshe agrees" or "He/she nods in agreement").

In some cultures, a nod may indicate something other than agreement, so one might say, for example, yaj 'e' ghaSmeH qel ghaH ("He/she nods to signal that he/she understands").

qepHom booklet

These are the pages as published at the qepHom. Please note that these may include minor typos which were corrected in the above word lists. The pages 1-10 and 16-17 included information regarding the organisation of the qepHom. Pages 29-36 included exercises for the students, but no new information.

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