New words qepHom 2021

qepHom 2021 was the 20th meeting of the qepHom Saarbrücken in Germany. Due to the pandemic restrictions, it was held online on Discord. About 50 attendees were registered, of which usually about 25-30 were present online. The con package of the meeting was delayed due to delivery problems of its contents, so the list of new words has not yet arrived.

Question and Answer session with Marc Okrand

During the online event, Marc Okrand visted the meeting and answered several questions, but did not reveal any new words.


Okrand said that the word qol in mIllogh qol ("animation, cartoon") is a noun, but he did not remember which it was.

Front and back

In the context of Alice in Wonderland, Maltz had told us you can use the words logh'ob ("chest") and Sa'Hut ("butt") to refer to the front and back of a car. (1)

During the qepHom 2021 Q&A session, he explained this a bit more.

First, he made clear this applies only to cars, motorcycles and also space ships and similar things, but not the the front/back of everything, e.g. not for a computer screen, or a bottle etc.

Regarding space ships, somebody objected that we do have words for "fore" and "aft". Here he agreed that there is some kind of overlap, but still a slight difference: roughly said, the "aft" and "fore" of the ship is more a 3-dimensional space, where people can meet and where things can be located ("cargo bay is in the aft of the ship"), and when you use the word Sa'Hut to refer to the ship's back, it's the 2-dimensional surface at the end. Think of the license plate, which is not in the trunk of the car, it's on the back of the car.


  • A fortune-teller at a carnival would not describe themselves as a qutwI', because that would be to describe their own predictions as fraudulent, but other people would use it.
  • There are definitely many Klingon words for different types of alcohol, but he doesn't know what they are.
  • There are things he would have done differently if he'd have known the language would take off. For example, he wouldn't have made the suffixes -lu' and -laH mutually exclusive.
  • The correct word to refer to a scar that results from surgery, is mIvwa'. It is defined as "scar (from wound)", and the wound in this case is an intentional wound. The word roptoj "scar (from disease)" is not appropriate here.
  • The word chuQun defined as "nobility" refers to people, not a character trait. So you do not say "I admire John's nobility", but you can say "I know the nobility of this city".
  • The word reD can be used to refer to the (left or right) side of a body, but it is not a body part.

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1 : QelIS boqHarmeyAlice's Adventures in Wonderland in Klingon, p. 232


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