New words released at qepHom 2022

The Saarbrücken qepHom'a' of 2022 was the twentieth anniversary, so it was celebrated in a much larger manner than usual. It was planned to go from Wednesday to Sunday, November 15-20, but most of the attendees arrived on Tuesday already, so this was a five-day qepHom.

Dr. Marc Okrand also visited the event, and provided around 36 new words, some of them compound nouns.


During the first days, the program included lessons for beginners, going through all chapters of Klingon grammar. On Thursday, Dr. Marc Okrand was available for questions, and he talked about many things for nearly two hours.

Friday afternoon had an autograph session where many students took the situation to get autographs from Marc Okrand and Lieven L. Litaer. On the eveing that night, the group went to a bar to practice toasts and drink blood wine. Later, there was a surprise concert with Klenginem.

On Saturday, the movie qepHom: The Legacy was presented at a movie theatre. Afterwards, there was a gala diner with a huge buffet, live music and a magician performance.

List of new words

The following table sorts them by Klingon alphabetical order. Click on one of the titles to sort otherwise. Notes in [brackets] are not Okrand's words, but just for clarification.

word type translation clarification topic
baDjer Hajvav n. badger loanword Animals
bagh'et n. baguette loanword food vocabulary
bIqIynIy n. bikini loanword clothing
(tera') chuch mIl'oD n. polar bear Animals
ghIgh yIvbeH n. turtleneck clothing
Ho'latbeD n. raison d'être / ikigai
janIj n. bra clothing
jeghwar n. jaguar loanword Animals
jIn yopwaH n. jeans loanword clothing
jIqlem waq n. sandal clothing
jva n. confused prisoner short form of jav mIS
jav mIS n. confused prisoner a slang expression
lachvoH n. bee hive Animals
layyan n. lion loanword Animals
maqSung n. bee, wasp To distinguish, say DayqIr maqSung and maqSung qej Animals
maqSung SoS('a') n. queen [i.e. bee queen] Animals
ma'lI' n. fibre
nach Ha'quj n. scarf slang clothing
na'ran wIblaw' n. lime food vocabulary
neb mIv tun n. baseball cap A neb mIv let is worn by some when batting. clothing
neb mIv n. baseball cap clothing
ngayvo'wan n. work pants kind of Klingon work pants clothing
panDa' n. panda bear loanword Animals
pob yIvbeH n. sweater probably because of some old sort of clothing clothing
po'lIgh n. sauce general term food vocabulary
po'lo yIvbeH n. polo shirt loanword clothing
qach DIS n. basement
rutlh 'echlet n. skateboard
Su'roq n. floor (in building) Su'roq wa'DIch is the ground floor, then Su'roq cha'DIch etc.
taygher n. tiger loanword Animals
tungyen Say'qIS n. cement construction material
tlheb v. urge [used to express the idea of "you should"]
vaq'aj cha' n. Vaq'aj II planet mentioned in KGT planets
vI' n. point (geometry) [expanded meaning of existing word]
waDwach n. scarf clothing
wu'DIy n. beaver the closest equivalent Animals
yIvbeH naQHa' n. vest/waistcoat clothing
'uqrayI'na n. Ukraine country names

New grammar

On a request, Maltz explained how to express the idea of "ought to" / "should", using the new verb tlheb.(1)should

Grammatical clarifications

  • The plural of wIjwI' ngeb (scarecrow) is made with -pu', i.e. for beings capable of language.(2)
  • The difference between qID and lut tlhaQ: Often interchangeable, but generally speaking, if the narrative wasn't particularly funny until the last line, that would be a qID while a lut tlhaQ is a narrative that's funny, at least sporadically, throughout.(3)
  • rejghun is a mass noun with no singular counterpart.(4)

qepHom booklet

These are the pages as published at the qepHom (p. 17-23). Please note that these may include minor typos which were corrected in the above word lists. The pages 1-16 included information regarding the organisation of the qepHom. Pages 24-36 included exercises for the students, but no new information.

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