New words released at a qep'a' 1-17

This page lists those words that were released at a qep'a' before Marc Okrand started to reveal lengthy lists, i.e. before qep'a' 18 in 2011.

Word list

word type translation qep'a' / year
bop v. be about, be concerned with 12 / 2005
ghIv n. limb (of a person) 17 / 2010
Hutvagh n. too many people or things in a place all at once 9 / 2002
lev n. hard palate, roof of mouth 12 / 2005
maQ n. sign, omen 17 / 2010
meyrI' n. square 12 / 2005
ngech n. woman's cleavage (slang) 3 / 1996
pu'jIn n. map, blueprint 14 / 2007
qolqoS n. core (of a group) 14 / 2007
Sa'Hut n. ass, rear end, buttocks 10 / 2003
vegh v. go through (a door) 4 / 1997
vIl n. thing or person always there 16 / 2009
vIlle' n. follower, disciple, fan 16 / 2009
wIlpuq n. pudding 15 / 2008
'elI'jaH n. unexpected visitor 13 / 2006

Other clarifications

During qep'a' wa'maH loSDIch of July 2007 Okrand made clear that he'd never use the words pIS and SIt because of their sound. (1).

At qep'a' 17, Okrand clarified that Qutlh ("support") can only refer to physically supporting something. It can't refer to monetary (he said ghaq is for this), psychological or any other non-physical type of support. (2)


The new words of qep'a' 2005 were published by user "ubykhlives" on August 1, 2005 at This page is currently available under
qep'a' wa'maH cha'DIchDaq wej mu'mey chu' nunobta' Marc Okrand.

mu' wa'DIch: lev hard palate, roof of mouth (n).

mu' cha'DIch: meyrI' square (n).

mu' wejDIch: bop to be about, to be concerned with (v). (vaj lo'laH vay': HolQeD bopbe' paqvam this book is not about linguistics.)

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1 : Re: mu' chu' Message of Robyn Stewart to the Email Discussion Forum of 2 Aug 2007

2 : Chris Lipscombe on the KLI mailing list, 07/27/2010


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