New words released at qep'a' 26

During qep'a' cha'maH javDIch happening July 2019, Maltz has released about 148 new words and/or new definitions. They were published at the KLI's new words list and at the page of Hol 'ampaS one day after the qep'a'.


word type translation additional information
balgharya' n. Bulgaria country names
baQa' excl. boo! hiss! Often preceded or followed by general grumbling and growling; sometimes just grumbling and growling alone.
bay'eS n. inferior, subordinate
ba'qIn n. saddle This refers to the seat strapped to the back of an animal
berlIn n. Berlin city names
bInglan n. hypothesis
boghoy n. procession, parade, march See also tlhaj process, parade, march
botlh n. median of a group of numbers
bulvar n. monk gender-neutral; works like maqlegh
Dam v. regard as, view as, consider (treat somebody like) For example: HumanvaD 'urwI' wIDam we treat the human as a traitor; 'urwI' ghaH 'e' vIDam I consider him (to be) a traitor.
DIl'on n. saltpeter chemistry
DI'ruj QeD n. metaphysics science
Dop v. be negative (literally "be opposite") wej Dop minus three or negative three; compare 'u' Dop "mirror universe"
Dotrar n. constellation
ghab v. kill (when on a hunt) HoH is a general word for kill. ghab means kill as a result of hunting (thus the hunt was a successful one) or when the killing is the result of a planned-out process.
ghapqa' n. jaw May be used for things that resemble anatomical jaws. In such cases, the plural remains ghapqa'Du'.
gha'cher n. goat-like creature Closest Klingon goat analog
ghep v. hug, embrace
ghIl v. be the mean, be the average arithmetic mean
ghIqtu' n. mathematical or chemical formula representation in symbols
ghong v. exploit This word can be translated "exploit" or "abuse"; it does not refer to physical abuse.
HapQeD n. physics science
Haw v. be random, arbitrary, unpredictable, fortuitous see note below on "random"
HaySIn n. bucket Typically, a HaySIn is round (it could be a 'Ib rutlh) and portable (so it's not a qegh).
Hen v. be experienced in the sense of involvement in, exposure to, familiarity with, hands-on dealing with a given area of knowledge or type of skill
Henjun n. whip For the verb "whip", make use of Qach wield.
HIl'aD n. step-by-step instructions HIl'aD is singular; several sets of instructions is HIl'aDmey.
Hoy v. be refined, be fancy, be sophisticated pertaining to culture
Hut'on n. byte This is a computer term.
Huy v. be spicy, be piquant, be hot
Hu'ma excl. uh, umm Sometimes Hu'mI and sometimes shortened to Hu. Another pause vocalization is just a low-toned ghghgh.
jaghIv n. rhythm
jIy v. be umami, be savory, be earthy
jo'ley' n. tent
lanDan n. London city names
lap v. vote, cast a ballot This is to vote in an election or to vote for a motion. It does not mean "express an opinion" (as in I vote for pizza for lunch -- unless a formal vote is actually taken, not an informal survey)
latlh je n. et cetera Less formally, you could end the list of things by saying latlh latlh latlh or taH taH taH.
loch v. be a fraction of, make up a portion of, constitute part of wej loch cha' 2/3; vagh loch wej 3/5; loS loch jav 6/4. In theory, if appropriate in a mathematical discussion, one could say wa' loch wej three one-ths. (Though perhaps a little grammatically aberrant, this would not be wa' luloch wej.)
logh mIn n. wormhole
loScha' n. coincidence The verb usually associated with this is qaS occur, happen.
mabeb n. toad-like or frog-like creature A mabeb resembles frogs and toads, but is neither one, really, so tera' mabeb can be used to refer to any of the various Earth frogs and toads.
maghpub n. novel
manggha n. station (train) Place where a medium/long range transport arrive and depart.
maqlegh n. priest This is gender-neutral. In translating, if a distinction between "priest" and "priestess" is required, add loD or be'.
marvargh n. Klingon ballet
maSquwa' n. Moscow city names
mergh v. be combined, mixed together also for superposition in physics
mIw n. recipe, formula (procedure, process) This is generally used for this, but step-by-step instructions can also be referred to as HIl'aD. The word for "ingredient" is qurme', so if a "formula" is the list of the ingredients of something (like a secret formula for the special sauce on a Big Mac), that's qurme'mey.
mo'rISqa' n. Morska
mun'a' n. unit of area A mun'a' is 729 morghmey
nagh HeH n. curb of a road or street
nortlham n. descendant pluralized with -pu'
no'laS pa' n. sitting room, lounge, parlour
no'QeD n. genealogy science
nungmaH n. hybrid
ngavyaw' n. canine-like creature (larger than a qovIj) a large animal, like the creatures that accompany the guards on Rura Penthe
nger n. theory in the scientific sense
ngetlh v. diffract
ngob'at n. breast Female anatomy. Also, slang, HuD.
nguD v. be glued to
nguDwI' n. glue
paSjav n. cinnamon-like Klingon plant A paSjav is a Klingon tree whose bark is cut into strips and eaten along with certain foods or else is ground up (like ngat) and added to some other kinds of foods. (It's occasionally just ripped off of the tree and eaten then and there.) Non-Klingons who eat too much paSjav tend to start coughing. Klingons think this is pretty funny and never seem to tire of it. tera' paSjav is a way to refer to cinnamon.
paSrIq n. fabric used in carpets and rugs not for clothing
pa'jaH n. rhyme
pa'raghway n. Paraguay country names
pe'ru' n. Peru country names
pIra'Ha n. Prague city names
puHley' n. cape, point This is a geographical term.
pumnuj n. handcuffs, manacles
qalmuS n. color
qa'put n. monkey-like creature smallish and pretty monkey-like
qelHay'ya n. Kal'Hyah Klingon equivalent of a bachelor party
qIr'a' n. continuum
qoch'uq n. rubber The gummy material
qoSqa'rIy n. Kos'Karii Pale, serpent-like creatures which inhabited the waters crossed by the Barge of the Dead on its way to Gre'thorThis word is inherently plural. A singular one is 'angwIl.
qovIj n. canine-like creature a smaller animal, similar to Kruge's pet (smaller than a ngavyaw')
qo'qo n. coconut This is a borrowing, not a native Klingon word. Loanword
qo'rIn n. chromium salts used in tanning (➞ chemistry)
qo'rIn DIr n. leather Since this is removed from a body and then altered, it is considered a material, not a body part. The phrase is used in constructions like qo'rIn DIr qogh leather belt.
qubbID n. span, run, stretch (between) see note below on "between"
qurme' n. ingredient
qut na' n. salt (culinary, halite) also, sometimes, Do'ol na', presumably depending on the exact form of the substance.
quvyaH n. habit
rayQeD n. genetics science
rejghun n. undergarments, underwear This refers to underwear in general. To be more specific, say rejghun yopwaH bID, etc.
rev v. quote
rIb v. be spread, spread out like a deck of cards fanned out on a table or peanut butter on a piece of bread
rImbey n. hormone
rIq v. pioneer, break through, innovate This would apply to a scientific breakthrough or discovery, but not to, say, setting a new record in a bat'leth twirling competition
rob'agh n. hologram
roDSer n. dimension
romta' n. octave
rorgh v. be fantasy This is "be fantastic" in the fantasy sense; it does not mean "be wonderful, terrific"
roSqa'QeD n. archaeology science
Sa v. rhyme with For "A rhymes with B", you could say B Sa A or Sachuq A B je (which might be better translated as "A and B rhyme").
Saghan num. billion 1,000 times one million
Santlhar n. silicon
San'emDer n. plant This refers to an individual plant, typically with stems, leaves, etc. It is not used for fungi or algae.
San'on n. bit This is a computer term.
Savvanwer n. nonave
Sawlay n. gesture Maltz didn't know a verb for this. To use a gesture is Sawlay lo' or else a specific gesture verb (such as SIq, qay, etc.).
Say'qIS n. dust, powder
SeSor n. subject
SIrIl n. hook
SurIna'ma n. Suriname country names
Surma' n. force (physics concept)
Surmen n. pressure
tamlerQeD n. chemistry science
tawI'yan n. Tawi'yan, "best man" see note below on "Tawi'yan"
tel'em n. mentor
tIpqan n. ash, ashes Inherently plural
tIr v. be arranged in a stack, be superimposed "Superimpose A and B" is A B je tIrmoHchu'. One way to say "superimpose A on(to) B" is B-Daq A lanchu'.
tol v. go through, pass through, pass among This is for passing through a crowd, or other group of objects.
torSIv n. fiction
tlhaghnay n. Throgni a type of plant
tlhaj v. process, parade, march See also boghoy procession/parade/march.
tlhar v. be allergic, be allergic to
tlhavqop n. punctuation A slang expression is ghewmey. tlhavqop is inherently plural, but you can say tlhavqop ngutlh(mey) punctuation mark(s).
tlher'aq n. reef
tlhey'at n. spacetime
tlhub n. climax Height of action in a narrative (not orgasm)
tlhur v. catch Grab in midair, like catching a baseball
vI'Hop n. indirect object
wab naQ n. vowel This refers to sounds, not letters or glyphs
wab poD n. consonant This refers to sounds, not letters or glyphs
wa'lay n. mass Concept in physics (distinct from "weight")
weSjech n. fabric, cloth, textile This can be used for textiles or fabric in clothing, sheets, towels, and so on, but generally not for carpets or rugs (except for thin ones).
wIlle' n. joint body part
wItte' n. mathematical equation
yanwo' n. nest
yIn 'eSqa' n. environmental suit
yup v. pump
'achler n. nape, scruff, back of neck
'amrI' n. balcony
'angwIl n. Kos'Karii (single) The plural form is qoSqa'rIy
'avghanIStan n. Afghanistan country names
'aw v. go through, pass through (matter) This is what ghosts, or phased lifeforms, do.
'emrIgh n. ancestor (direct) an individual ancestor in one's own bloodline
'en v. be not something, non-
'eSqa' n. religious garb, the robe worn by a judge an old word referring to specialized or ritual clothing (though not a uniform)
'ImSIng n. sewer This refers to the whole sewer system -- tunnels, conduits, valves, etc.
'InDogh n. syllable
'Inglan n. England country names
'IngSav n. melody
'Ir v. guess, suppose, imagine as in mejpu' SuvwI' 'e' vI'Ir I guess the warrior has left
'ISQIm n. harmony Refers to music only, not people getting along
'ISyar n. legacy
'IventoH n. pineapple-like fruit A Klingon fruit that grows on trees that's kind of like a pineapple (though pineapples don't grow on trees) - largish with thorny projections on a reasonably hard shell or skin. Unlike a pineapple, though, the inside is more bitter than sweet. A pineapple may be referred to as a tera' 'IventoH.
'ob v. be curved, arced
'o'mat ghIrI', tI'Im, pIvyoch n. O'Mat Gri T'M pffiots In the TNG episode "Heart of Glory", the Klingon ordering food and drink (from the food replicator) says he wants 'o'mat ghIrI', which is some sort of meat and pasta-like concoction. Then he specifies that the fat in the food should be boiled, one of the optional ways to prepare this dish. He says tI'Im! boil (the fat) in the entrees)! He uses the prefix tI- because there are three separate entrees. Finally, he orders a special, rather pungent Klingon beverage known as pIvyoch.
'opuHwI' n. prostitute A slang term is qItoy
'oqe' n. coral The word for "reef" is tlher'aq
'ovmay n. direct object
'umber n. ecosystem, environment

Grammar Clarifications

The following grammar information was released at qep'a' 26. (1)


There are two ways to say "between", depending on meaning.

(1) "between A and B" means "at some (perhaps unknown) point between A and B". In this case, A and B are the extremes of a range. The construction makes use of rav "minimum" and 'aqroS "maximum": rav A 'aqroS B... For example, rav cha' 'uj(mey) 'aqroS loS 'uj(mey) 'ab "has a length between two and four ujes" (it's at least two ujes long and no more than four).

(2) "between A and B" means the full stretch of time (or distance or whatever), from one end of the span to the other. In this case, the noun qubbID is used: DaSjaj buqjaj (je) qubbID maleng "we travel Monday to Friday" or "we travel between Monday and Friday". Compare: DaSjaj buqjaj (je) qubbID maghom "we meet between Monday and Friday, we meet Moday to Friday" and rav DaSjaj 'aqroS buqjaj maghom "we meet between Moday and Friday, we meet at some point between Monday and Friday".

Numbers: Fractions

wej loch cha' "2/3"; vagh loch wej "3/5"; loS loch jav "6/4". In theory, if appropriate in a mathematical discussion, one could say wa' loch wej "three one–ths". (Though perhaps a little grammatically aberrant, this would not be wa' luloch wej.))

Numbers: Negative

Use Dop to create negative numbers. wej Dop "minus three" or "negative three". Compare this to 'u' Dop "mirror universe".

Numbers: Random

For random numbers, as when throwing dice, use the verb 'al "float" instead of Haw. mI' 'al "(a) random number"; 'al mI' "the number is random". There is also a slang expression Du'Hom mI' "random number" (literally "garden number").

Numbers: Superimpose

"Superimpose A and B" is A B je tIrmoHchu'. One way to say "superimpose A on(to) B" is B–Daq A lanchu'.

"many times" or "time and time again"

Use pIj "often". One way to express this if being emphatic is periphrastically: V 'ej V-qa' ('ej V-qa'…) (where V is the repeated action): qagh vISoppu' 'ej vISopqa'pu' 'ej vISopqa'pu' "I've eaten gagh many times."

"Order" or "Turn"

Use the words baQ ("toss bat'leth from one hand to the other") and jop ("lunge"). mabaQ "we take turns"; jIjop "it's my turn"; yIjop "take your turn!"; bIjopnIS "you need to take your turn".


Klingon counterpart (more or less) of the best man at a wedding. This is normally translated as "sword-bearer," but etymologically that's not quite right. It's a frozen and somewhat modified form of an old word which was apparently something like taywI'yan, having something to do with ceremony or ritual tay and sword yan, but the details of the old grammatical construction are unknown.

Reference temperatures for the SImyon scale

0 Simyon
-210 C
Freezing Point of Nitrogen
96 Simyon
-100 C
100 Simyon
-95 C
183 Simyon
0 C
Freezing point of water
200 Simyon
19 C
215 Simyon
37 C
Body temperature (Human/Klingon)
270 Simyon
100 C
Boiling point of water - Earth sea level
273 Simyon
103 C
Boiling point of water - Kronos observatory
300 Simyon
134 C
500 Simyon
363 C
1000 Simyon
937 C
Temperature of molten lava

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1 : qep'a' cha'maH javDIch Canon at the KLI homepage, retrieved on August 8, 2022


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