New words released at qep'a' 27

Due to the Covid-19-pandemic in 2020, qep'a' cha'maH SochDIch happened only virtually on Discord on July 23-25. Nevertheless, Maltz has released 167 new words and/or new definitions. They were published at the KLI's new words list one day after the qep'a'.

These new words are answers to the KLI's wish list. Since Marc Okrand only gives a short gloss or translation for each word, it is sometimes useful to look at the original request. During the Q&A session on Discord, Okrand repeatadly answered questions by pointing at the request, saying "that's what it means". The KLI's word list includes links to those requests. The most important ones are added to the following list, preceded by "R:". It should be noted that those phrases are not part of the canon definition and might sometimes differ from the actual meaning.


word type translation additional information
baSta' n. vector mathematics
bettI' n. aluminium chemistry
bIQ SeHjan n. faucet
bo'DIj qaD n. lawsuit
bom; puq rur v. sing falsetto R: "sing by utilizing the next highest vocal folds above those used for speech and normal range singing"
boqyIn n. symbiont takes the plural -pu', because even if the symbiont does not have a mouth to speak, it still carries a person's mind capable of language. Okrand made clear the definition is not capable of speech (i.e. having a mouth to speak), but capable of language, which is the capability to communicate. If the symbiont part is regarded as a parasite, you might use -mey. (Q&A) R: "organism living in close physical association with another; parasites are a subtype"
buj v. be neither warm nor cool (temperature) R: "tepid? That may not be the best word since it is often used to mean slightly warm."
bum v. absorb e.g. absorb liquid, not absorb information; R: "A towel absorbs three grams of spilled liquid."
butnat n. plutonium chemistry
cha''etlh DaSwI' n. tweezer This is considered singular (that is, several pairs of tweezers are cha''etlh DaSwI'mey). The word was formed by analogy to cha''etlh pe'wI' "scissors," with DaS "pinch" replacing pe' "cut."
chang v. be gelatinous R: "have a jelly-like texture or consistency"
chayqa' n. esophagus body parts
chem v. prank The difference between chem and toj can be seen from the original request. Although not said explicitely, it seems like chem is related to pranking for fun while toj includes fraud and aggression. R: "play a practical joke or mischievious trick (on)"
chertIS n. mint, menthoid plant botany; This can also be used to decribe the taste. (Q&A) R: "native name for a similar plant cultivated by Klingons for its taste and aroma"
chItlh v. be symmetrical
choghvat n. porch Sometimes qach choghvat, sometimes choghvat pa'. This word (which is really the word for "gangplank") is used for this part of a structure even if there are no stairs or ramps involved; choghvat "[...] does have to be attached to a house or building or something or other. It doesn't necesarily have to have a roof. It doesn't necesarily have to have a little fence around it. It's the outside entryway to the building. (52:18) A ramp or steps leading to a porch would not be called a choghvat, just steps or whatever. They would if they would be leading all the way up to a boat." (53:00) R: "projecting architectural structure that houses an entrance to a building"
chorgh v. be glossy R: "have a smooth, silk-like, reflective surface"
chul v. be wise Refers to demonstrating good judgment based on experience, not just intelligance or book-learning.
R: "like someone who would make a good adviser, the opposite of foolish"
Da'lar n. dollar loanword; R: "name of several disused Terran currencies"
DannI' n. headphones This device covers both ears and includes a band across head. [so plural in English, singular in Klingon]; The thing Uhura wears is teS HablI'. (that was defined as "the thing Uhura wears" simply because Okrand didn't know the word for it. (35:50)) R: "Speakers worn over the ears to listen to music or other recordings so only the wearer can hear them"
rI'wI' n. loudspeaker
Daqturaq n. d'akturak It is not clear whether this is a native Klingon word or a borrowed Trill or Kriosian word or phrase meaning "ice man," but, in any case, this is the Klingon pronunciation [takes plural -pu']; R: "someone with an "icy" demeanor; especially as a tough negotiator (DS9: Blood Oath)"
DItroy' n. Detroit city names
Dut v. stress, emphasize literally "slam down"; R: "draw attention to with especial markedness"
ghan'ach n. seizure (medicine) medical terms; R: "convulsion like those experienced by epileptics"
ghIchDep n. fair, funfair, carnival, circus R: "traveling amusement park"
gho lang n. oval geometry
gho SubmaH n. pi Sometimes shortened to ghomaH. Note also bav "circumference." For "diameter," make use of juch "have a width of"
gholeq n. flake R: "loose filmy mass or thin chiplike layer"
gho''ong n. magic trick R: "A noun for an individual performance act a mIn yuqwI' does that are often referred to by the slang term "trick". e.g. I learned a new trick last week"
gho''ong Ho'DoS n. magic (trick) technique
Hajvav n. weasel-like animal This is an animal found on Qo'noS that's sort of weasel-like;
R: "musteloid (otter-like or wolverine-like animal) "
Hal v. be porous R: "be full of tiny pores allowing the passage of fluids"
Hampong DIr n. scab body parts; For the plural, use -mey, even if the scab is still attached;
R: "incrustation over a sore or wound, formed during healing"
Hampun v. yodel This is a two-syllable verb, and it's slang; Hampun does not take an object. You just sing a song, and yodel. (1:01:00) R: "sing in such a way that the voice fluctuates rapidly between normal chest voice and falsetto"
HarqIn n. disorder, disability, syndrome, condition medical terms;
R: "Something wrong with someone mentally or physically: "Danny was born with a rare brain condition."
HojnIy n. teen, teenager, adolescent, youth, young adult A slang term is yaD;
R: "A word for a person who is too old to be called puq but is too young to nen."
HomHap tun n. cartilage body parts
HoS n. amplitude Literally "strength"; R: "The magnitude of a wave."
HoS voveng n. thyroid body parts
Hotnagh n. basalt R: "hard igneous rock, very common in oceanic crust"
jatlh; ghughughwI' rur v. speak with vocal fry Sometimes ghughugh alone suffices; R: "speak in a low creaky voice by simultaneous rapid vibration of the vocal cords"
jergh v. spasm to cause something to spasm is jerghmoH; R: "Sudden involuntary muscle contraction"
je'ton n. counter / workbench R: "a work space attached to the wall"
jInay' n. J'naii [androgynous race from Star Trek] This is the name of the planet; To refer to the people, add ngan (9:28)
jIrmoH v. crank literally "cause to rotate"; R: "impart rotation to, as a wheel"
jIyeStaS n. inflammation
joSraD n. crater R: "anything resembling a hemispherical pit created by an impact or explosion"
lech v. blackmail The object of lech is the person being targetted. R: "extort money or benefits from someone in return for not revealing compromising information"
lervaD n. auction R: "event where goods are sold to the highest bidder"
letbIng n. mercury chemistry
lI'lIy n. lily This is just borrowed in from Federation Standard; no native Klingon equivalent
lIvrI' n. granite
lIw mu' n. pronoun applies to full words only, not prefixes; See linguistic terms
luqlev n. curfew R: "regulation requiring people to be off the streets and in their homes by a certain time"
maHnaD n. protein
may' rImbey n. adrenaline, epinephrine body parts
mayqar n. braid, knotwork R: "weave of fibers, often decorative"
maySon n. superconductivity For "be superconductive," say maySon chIw "express superconductivity" or the like; R: "lacking in electrical resistance, said of materials in which electrical current can flow without loss of power"
mISjennegh n. marble (material)
moHbey n. trapezium American – not British – sense of "trapezium"; [irregular quadrilateral] See geometry
monQIv n. algae
mutwa' n. protozoan The name, literally "Species #1," turned out to be not scientifically accurate, but it stuck; R: "Any of the diverse group of eukaryotes, of the phylum Protozoa, that are primarily unicellular, existing singly or aggregating into colonies"
namchIl n. chlorophyll botany
nar v. reflect This is the mirror-image / reverse-image sense of "reflect"; compare 'et. R: "have something be bounced off a surface without absorption. "The mirror reflected the beam of light." "The bullet reflected off the armour."
neS v. be crunchy, be crispy Referring to texture, not sound; R: "I've seen Klingon foods depicted in Star Trek that look as if these adjectives may apply. If nothing else, it might describe the texture of dried-out Gagh, commonly (though regrettably) served as snacks and at breakfast."
ngam'eQ n. gluten
ngaw v. erode This is not what rust does; this is what water, wind, and so on do.
ngIn v. be turbulent R: "The placid waters suddenly became turbulent. "
ngochjuH n. quark (particle)
ngonDer n. nostalgia Often the object of SIQ; [The original request asked for a verb] R: "exhibit affinity for familiar surroundings or reminiscence of the things of the past"
nguy v. scoff Also Sen (slang); does not take an object. It is used with -Daq. Okrand didn't know if there is a relationship between the slang usage of Sen and a thumb. R: "vocalize derision or mockery nonverbally"
nIm qulcher taD n. ice cream Ice cream is really a Terran thing; no native Klingon equivalent. R: "Frozen dessert"
nIS v. interfere (with) for "cast/throw/make (a shadow)" QIb "shadow" would be the subject. The object, if specified, would be the surface onto which the shadow is cast.
nIve'Da' n. Nevada Country Names
pan v. solve Also SIHHa'moH (slang); R: "determine the solution to a puzzle/riddle ngajrun, mystery poymar, or similar problem"
parchech n. gypsum R: "mineral consisting of hydrated calcium sulphate, having a number of applications including as a precursor of plaster"
parmaq qep n. date [romantic meeting, not a calender date]; R: "as in a romantic or courtship date (or the nearest Klingon equivalent)"
penSIlvenya' n. Pennsylvania Country Names
perletlh n. stump This applies to trees, etc., not to body parts; botany; R: "remains of something that has been cut off, e.g. a tree or limb"
pIchSIv n. vinegar
pIqcho' n. athlete An athletic competition is pIqcho' qaD or pIqcho' Quj. Takes the plural of a language user, unless it's animal or so. R: "A term that would encompass all or most games requiring physical strength, dexterity, and tenacity especially those consisting of a number of players per team."
pIr v. be fertile Refers to both land and creatures. R: "Could apply to land, animals, people"
popSop n. sodium chemistry
puH taD n. tundra geography
qarpal n. trapezoid American – not British – sense of "trapezoid"; [at least two parallel sides] See geometry R: "Convex quadrilateral with two parallel sides"
qaytu' n. parent (gender-neutral term) R: "We can say puq to refer to a child regardless of gender, but no analog exists for parent."
qel v. nod This means lower the head slightly whether or not the head is again raised. So, among other things, it can refer to nodding to the beat of music or nodding off (falling asleep). The subject might be, for example, nach "head" (even though this might be considered redundant) or the nodder. It does not take an object; Okrand did not know if Klingons would nod to say yes. qel means "lower the head". For "lift the head", he looked weird about noDHa' and translated it as "mis-nod". (Q&A)
qeylar n. K'Ehleyr name
qInut n. scythe, sickle, falx This is a tool resembling a sickle. It's for agriculture, but, of course, it could be used as a weapon. If it has a long handle, "scythe" may be a better translation, though it's not quite either of them. R: "tool or weapon having a long curving blade with a sharp concave edge"
qulcher n. cream
qunI' n. adverb(ial) The noun for the linguistic terms.
quvamaq n. Kuvah'magh R: "Klingon savior figure venerated by a religious minority, believed to be conceived during the holy month of Nay'Poq (VOY: Prophecy)"
QaplaStep n. spool, reel, spindle R: "device around which thread or wire is wound"
Qep v. be anxious (about) takes an object (8:45); R: "To think, often obsessively and with unease, about an event or status that is often outside of our control. What a rejmorgh does. "He worried about the harvest", "She worries too much", "They believe meditation can stop him from worrying too much"
Qeq v. aim (at) For the idea of "face" (orient towards) – The object is the one oriented toward someone or something, and the thing or person being faced is marked with -Daq. With this meaning, this verb is often used with -'egh or -chuq. R: "We must now turn to face the front of the room; Each of these three sculptures faces a different compass direction."
Qey' v. be cool (temperature)
QIch wab n. phoneme pronunciation; R: "the most basic sound elements of a language"
QIch wab Sar n. allophone pronunciation
QIS v. stitch The object is the thing being sewn or stitched together; R: "pass needle and thread through fabric in the process of sewing"
Qo n. tendency, propensity R: "inclination toward a particular characteristic or behavior"
QoH v. tap R: "To touch one's fingers gently on something, usually a few times: Anne tapped Tom on the shoulder."
raq v. be repetitive/redundant R: "a way to indicate that something is a repeat or an extra of something else; a way to describe the concept of bIraqlul"
ravngI' n. furniture, item of furniture Stand-alone only, not built-in; R: "Allowing us to say such things as "A chair is an item of furniture."
rebmugh n. resin
relleghDaq n. psychokinesis
repnuj n. gum (oral anatomy) Also ghaw' (slang); R: "The flesh around the teeth"
rIchwIn n. directive, injunction R: "a specific law, command, or authoritative ruling. "We must obey the Prime Directive." "Based on the law, the judge has issued the following directive."
rI'gheS n. deflector (singular) R: "begh has the gloss of "deflectors" but there doesn't appear to be a word for a single deflector"
rItlh vol n. stencil
rober n. axis R: "imaginary line around which an object spins or is symmetrically arranged"
robwIl n. nightmare This can be the object of naj "dream" or SIQ "endure" and some other verbs, but generally not ghaj "have" (unless you somehow literally possess a nightmare). R: "an unsettling, disturbing, or horrific dream"
ruH v. blush Maltz asserts that Klingons never blush... but then again... R: "To turn red in the face due to embarrassment"
Sarbruqen n. Saarbrücken (Germany) City Names
SImroD n. power (physics) R: "amount of energy (HoS) transferred or convert per unit time. "This light bulb consumes 60 watts of power." "What is the minimum power needed to maintain life support?"
SInan n. compass refers to any kind of compass. If necessary, one might distinguish by adding tlhIngan or tera' or whatever needed. (Q&A)
SIprat n. bristle, stiff hair or filament R: "be bristly: be covered in stiff or coarse hairlike structures; like nIl but more solid"
So'chIm n. soh-chim
SupDIng n. cotton-like plant a Klingon plant, parts of which are used to make cloth
SuyDar n. qubit (quantum bit) Sometimes SuyDar San'on
tapqej n. cherry This is a fruit similar to a cherry. When clarification is needed, for the Earth fruit, precede with tera'.
telya' n. pancreas body parts
tera' ghIch rop n. common cold Maltz says Klingons don't get colds (though, despite what he says, Klingons are not immune from other, somewhat similar afflictions). Another way to refer to this Earth disease, generally unsympathetically, is tera' rop bIr, which is, of course, a misguided translation.
tera' tlhuH rop n. common cold Maltz says Klingons don't get colds (though, despite what he says, Klingons are not immune from other, somewhat similar afflictions). Another way to refer to this Earth disease, generally unsympathetically, is tera' rop bIr, which is, of course, a misguided translation.
tetyub n. enamel, coating This refers to any sort of artificial coating, not just enamel. It does not apply to teeth. R: "artificial thin outer layer"
tI'rIl n. Trill Name of the planet; for the inhabitant, add ngan
tIy v. be curly R. "to have a woolly texture – used of hair"
tu v. blink "blink" (involuntary); also mInDu' yIv (slang); R: "Rapidly close and open one or both eyes"; does not take an object. You say "my eyes blink". (Q&A)
tlhaw v. be inflamed medical term; See also: jIyeStaS "inflammation"; R: "be afflicted with congestion of the blood vessels, with obstruction of the blood current and growth of morbid tissue; manifested outwardly by redness, swelling, heat and pain"
tlhemqaDID n. bumpkin, yokel [plural with -pu']; R: "unsophisticated person of rural background"
tlhoqtlhal n. favor This is generally the object of a verb like tur. The recipient of the favor is marked with -vaD. R: "an act done out of goodwill rather than from justice or remuneration"
valQav n. iris part of the eye
vargh v. [untranslated] [in the video, Okrand says he doesn't know what it means; 02:47]
varghwI' n. Changeling/Founder Leader of the Dominion
vov v. grapple, wrestle, tussle For "tackle," combine with pummoH "cause to fall (down)"; vov is primarily used only physical; of course one can use almost any word metaphorically, but it depends on context and cannot be generally answered. Okrand was not sure if you can "grapple" a person's arm. (Q&A) R: "tackle: seize and knock to the ground"
voveng n. gland body parts
wang v. wink voluntary; for "twitch," use jergh "spasm"; R: "To close and open one eye."
we'lIS n. Wales
woD v. be hollow R: "Torpedo tubes are hollow until there is a torpedo inside them."
wontoy n. ideal R: "standard of perfection; or principle to which one aspires"
yo v. slap, hit with palm
yuHSIQ n. titanium Chemistry
'ub v. be lonely R: "the emotion, not the actual state of being alone e.g. The lonely man wandered the city streets at night"
'uchgha' n. RNA
'ul gho n. circuit 'ul ghomey "circuits"; R: "enclosed path of current within an electrical device"
'achghej n. void R: "The deep void of outer space is not actually empty; particles do exist there."
'aDHom n. capillary body parts
'aHDuH n. prototype R: "The first transporter prototypes met with limited success, but later proved indispensable for exploring the galaxy."
'alnum n. freckle(s) body parts
'apraQ n. calcium chemistry
'aquta' n. gourd, squash, pumpkin
'ej De' vIchel adv. by the way, parenthetically This comes at the beginning of a sentence. This is the full form. In everyday conversation, 'ej and/or De' (and even vI-) are often omitted. Klingon grammarians argue about whether the resulting De'chel should be considered an adverbial in its own right. R: "used to segue the subject or change the topic, or introduce a related topic. "By the way, I saw Maltz today." "We attacked the Federation. By the way, we also attacked the Romulans."
'ejtlhal n. tumor body parts
'enteD n. drug Most 'enteDmey are used ritualistically, but recreational use is not unheard of (as with alcohol). This word is inappropriate for "medicine", because that's another word. (43:30)
'ergh v. hallucinate [can take an object, like hallucinate a dream (03:40)]
'epIn n. peach A Klingon fruit similar to a peach, plum, or apricot. When clarification is needed, for the Earth fruit, precede with tera'.
'erwI'Daq n. telepathy
'eSreH n. dew R: "Atmospheric moisture condensed on cool surfaces"
'ev v. applaud This applies to whatever it is that Klingons do to applaud or show approval/appreciation. The most common way to refer to the clapping that Humans do is by the phrase toch yo "slap palm(s)." R: "clap: smacking ones hands together in order to show appreciation, or whatever Klingons would do in the same situation. Can also include smacking any two things together in a way that produces a sound."
'evtlhev n. base This is really "base" – not the same as "alkali," but includes alkalis
'IlHa' v. be insincere R: "be a hypocrite - act counter to one's professed beliefs or values, or accuse others of infractions of which oneself is guilty"
'InDIye'na' n. Indiana Country Names
'Ipnal n. spouse (gender-neutral term) [plural with -pu']
'Ir v. be creamy, pasty in the sense of toothpaste. Describes smooth, thick liquids or liquid-like things R: "have the thick, smooth texture of cream"
'oSHeQ n. spleen body parts

Additional notes

  • moHbey / "trapezium" here is a quadrilateral with no parallel sides, known elsewhere as a general irregular quadrilateral.
  • qarpal / "trapezoid" here is a quadrilateral with at least two parallel sides.


Any 1-9 digit, of course, can appear in the wa' slot:
(wa')maH'uy' or (wa')vatlhbIp 10 million 10,000,000
(wa')vatlh'uy' or (wa')SaDbIp or (wa')SanIDbIp 100 million 100,000,000
(wa')maHSaghan or (wa')netlh'uy' 10 billion 10,000,000,000
(wa')vatlhSaghan or (wa')bIp'uy' 100 billion 100,000,000,000
(wa')SaDSaghan or (wa')SanIDSaghan trillion 1,000,000,000,000

Note that "trillion" can refer to two different numbers in English. From the literal meaning of SaD x Saghan (1,000 x 1,000,000,000) it is clear that this refers to 1012 here. For other combinations, see ➞ numbers

Grammar Clarifications

The following grammar information was released at qep'a' 27. It answers word requests that can be translated without a new word. (1)


For this meaning of "burden" (a heavy load that is carried but is considered useless), one can probably make use of 'ugh, qeng, and/or tu'HomI'raH. Those words would normally not be appropriate if "burden" means something like "onus".

R: "An encumbrance, a useless dead weight – "A farmer's treasures are a warrior's burden""


This was explained at qep'a' 2019 and some examples were added this year.
Make use of baQ and jop.
  • jopDI' 'ovwI' veb, 'echletHom tlhap "When the next player takes his/her turn, he/she takes a card"
  • ngop yISay'moH! yIjop! "Clean the plates! It's your turn!"


Make use of rorgh "be fantasy". R: "the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable, "This is starting to go into the realm of fantasy", "There's nothing wrong with a good fantasy""


use bIQ SeH jan or the like. (R: "a fixture for drawing and regulating the flow of a liquid")

The phrase for "faucet" bIQ SeH jan is not a sentence ("the device controls the water") but a set phrase, "water control device". It might be possible that this used to be SeHmeH jan, maybe -meH was dropped historically. If you add -meH, people might look weird at you. It gets lost on word used very often. (Q&A)

One day after the qep'a', Okrand sent a long letter describing the unusual grammar of that word. See bIQ SeHjan

fish, be fishing

use wam or jon

Q&A video

A recorded Q&A session on Discord shows Marc Okrand explaining some of the words. The revealed information is included in the above list, marked with the time index of the video or just "Q&A". Some information that is not part of the new words is listed below. View "qep'a' cha'maH SochmaH - New Word Q&A with Dr. Marc Okrand on YouTube.

  • At the end of the year 2019, some words (buSHach, luvnup, and Suchtuv) had appeared without clear source (see rumor words). Okrand accepted those in the video, saying "If anyone has question marks with them should remove the question marks."
  • To talk about a quintillion, you might say Saghan Saghan. It's not the only answer, but it wouldn't be wrong to say that.
  • When somebody said that we have a word for "be superconduted" but not a word for "be regular conducted" Okrand just said "Yes, that's true."
  • Words like hormone, RNA, DNA, and blood are grammatically not considered a body part. (setting aside what the plural of "blood" might mean at all)

See also


1 : qep'a' cha'maH SochDIch words at the KLI homepage


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