New words released at qep'a' 28

Due to the ongoing pandemic, just like qep'a' 27, the meeting of 2021 was held online only on Discord. At this qep'a', over 130 new words and expressions were published.(1)


word type translation additional information
babton n. pepper (capsicum) food - [this means it's the vegetable, not the spice]
bet v. impale
bIlemtan n. whim
bobDar n. splash sounds - Use with tlhen "sound as, produce the sound of" (e.g., bobDar tlhen "(it) produces a splash sound"
boq Hol / boQ Hol n. pidgin, creole, contact language These terms used interchangeably
cheqwI' n. turbine, propeller [the technical term is lunglIH]
cheyIS n. animals - cephalopod Another Klingon creature. It's definitely squid-like.
choSan n. Korea country names Also: Hanghuq. Both terms are used (Klingons are very confused by this) [Based on the origin of the name, this refers to North Korea.]
choSom n. quartz
DamSayrotlh n. hippopotamus, hippo animals - closest Klingon equivalent
Dang v. focus Make (an image) less blurry; This is used where the subject focuses an object: "I focus my eyes", "I focus the camera", "I was so drunk I couldn't focus my eyes". Objects cannot focus themselves. "My eyes focus" is wrong. (2)
DayqIr n. honey
DI' v. edit, revise, correct, modify
ghalmov n. compound (chemical) chemistry
ghom'oH n. slot
ghu' neS x. idiom related to "bias" See jInbo'
Hanghuq n. Korea country names Also: choSan. Both terms are used (Klingons are very confused by this) [Based on the origin of the name, this refers to South Korea.]
HaSreH n. pattern, design pattern, markings, motif
HaStay' n. pixel Maltz had a hunch this was shortened at some point from HaSta 'ay', but that may be a folk etymology
Hey' v. censor
HItlh v. be brittle
HuDngech n. sine (curve) used to describes waves or curves and also in trigonometry
jInbo' n. bias There's also an idiom: ghu' neS
jIqlem n. strap
jo' v. zoom in on jo' is used for "zoom in on" (the object is the image). jo'Ha' is "zoom out" (applied to something that was previously zoomed in on). In context, Sach "expand, be amplified, be increased in scope" can be used for "be magnified."
jutngev n. nectar botany
larveS n. pus medical terms
lIS'ab n. rodent animals - This animal is more rat-sized than mouse-sized, but a vIghro' might well chase it. Its face kind of resembles that of a bat (though a bat is not a rodent).
lot v. scratch
lotregh n. anaemia medical terms - Informally, some people say 'Iw Doy'
lu'lap n. beep noise sounds - Used with tlhen e.g., lu'lap tlhen "(it) produces a beep noise"
lunglIH n. turbine, propeller Maltz thought this word was based on a story in Klingon mythology about a loong, but he didn't recall the details. Some people also say cheqwI' "tornado-er."
majaj n. cabbage, lettuce food - closest Klingon equivalent closer to lettuce than to cabbage, but could be used for either Terran plant
mangtay n. Thailand country names
maqIy n. Maquis (Resistance)
mayvIm n. embryo
meQHam Adv. ironically, counterintuitively, incongruously
mIHneS n. grasshopper animals - closest thing could also be used for locust or cricket
mIjDang n. fin, flipper body part
mIllogh qol n. animation, cartoon This refers to animation only, not cartoons in the newspaper
morwI', morwI' ghew n. ant(s), formicidae animals - closest Klingon equivalent, based on what the bug looks like. The Klingon version is noted for its dexterity or agility (hence the name), not strength. But Klingons use this for the Terran ant anyway.
mur v. wince, cringe, flinch
muSghoraw n. valve
mu'tlhegh meS n. paragraph
nam v. move counterclockwise opposite of 'Ing
naptop n. eclipse
neqjung n. contact, encounter, rendezvous The noun counterpart to ghom. It would be used in phrases such as neqjung wa'DIch first contact.
nevroD n. tentacle body part
ngang v. straddle
ngeSlIch n. loan
ngeSlIch 'ap n. interest
ngIr v. knead, massage
ngov v. slither, wriggle, squirm, writhe Slither "like a snake"
ngur v. be autistic/aspie
nIwqen n. gill body part
nuj yaj v. read lips Used in a general way, one might say nujDu' vIyajlaH. When applied to a specific occurrence, one might say nujlIj vIyajlaH.
nu'Qan n. alcove
paghur n. hermit, recluse [grammatically: Language User]
paSlogh tuQ DaS v. be inside-out Maltz thought there might be a single word for this, but he could only remember this commonly used idiom. In usage, this might be preceded by something like ghIH wep (or Soy' wep) "the shirt is sloppy/disheveled"
pIlIpIynaS n. the Philippines country names
pu'porgh 'oQqar n. ginger sometimes 'oQqar is omitted
qaq naH n. watermelon closest Klingon equivalent
qatvoH n. shellfish (clam, oyster, mussel, scallop, brachiopod...) animals - There are a number of these sorts of creatures. qatvoH applies to various bivalves. Large qatvoHmey are served in non-Klingon restaurants that feature Klingon food, but they usually just call this dish "Jumbo Klingon Mollusks."
qav'ap juH n. apartment This is for a house or an apartment of any size that is not owned by the occupant. For a dwelling within a larger building containing several such dwellings (regardless of ownership), it's common to just say pa'mey (or occasionally just pa').
qayrI'Hom n. clavicle body part
qeSnoDmaj n. jellyfish animals - closest Klingon equivalent
qIn v. moan, groan
qot v. back, sponsor, support, capitalize, invest in To specify what or how much is invested, make use of peS as in X qotmeH Y peS ("invest Y in X")
qovDa' n. exponent Though there is a noun, the idea of raising a number to the power of something is generally expressed by using the verb Sep, as in wejlogh Sep'egh cha' chen chorgh.
qurmoQ n. larynx body part
quSDI' n. batch
QIb v. filter, strain, sieve, sift
QImHal n. ovary body part
reD'eS n. bureaucracy The slang expression pumnuj reD'eS is used if things are definitely inefficient
reDyev n. shortage
rey' n. special performance or presentation This is a noun that's kind of hard to define in a word or two, but it refers to a performance or presentation that's pretty special in some way. Maybe it's something that happens only once, not to be repeated. Or maybe it occurs regularly but not very often, so it's something looked forward to well in advance. Maybe it's something that features a special performer or performers.
rIS n. click sounds - Used with tlhen e.g., rIS tlhen "(it) produces a click sound"
rIS v. make a clicking sound sounds - Expands the meaning of the verb rIS to including clicking along with cracking and snapping
rober jan n. lathe
roDSon n. uvula Informally, the term tlhepwI' is often used. - body part
romanI'ya' n. Romania country names
rom'on n. zinc chemistry
roSmaH n. chromosome body part - Chromosomes are numbered (e.g. roSmaH wej). The two sex chromosomes are roSmaH pagh and roSmaH bID; two roSmaH bID chromosomes occur in females, one of each occur in males.
roSmaH bID n. X chromosome [derived from above explanation]
roSmaH pagh n. Y chromosome [derived from above explanation]
rubyo' n. politician [grammatically: Language User]
ruqwI' n. grenade slang term for Senjorgh
Senjorgh n. grenade There's also a slang term: ruqwI'
Setlhlo' n. arsenic chemistry
SIr v. be unique, be unprecedented
SIrgh 'aplom n. bead
SolbIS n. whale, dolphin, porpoise animals - Any fishlike creature that has to come up to breathe air
Sornagh n. coma medical terms
Sotlhqel n. yolk A slang term is QIm julHom or even just julHom
SuqwIl n. hiss sounds - This is a noun referring to the sound (from an animal or otherwise). Used with tlhen e.g., SuqwIl tlhen "(it) produces a hiss sound"
taj Hol n. propaganda
targhoroj n. crab animals - One of several crab-like animals found on Qo'noS
tat taS n. electrolyte
(tera') raS'IS moQ naH n. pomegranate This is the Klingon way to refer to the Terran fruit
tIH javmaH n. X-ray Rays are identified by numbers (gamma ray, for example, is tIH wej). Maltz didn't know where the specific numbers come from or what they might refer to.
tIH wej n. Gamma-ray Rays are identified by numbers (gamma ray, for example, is tIH wej). Maltz didn't know where the specific numbers come from or what they might refer to.
toyDal n. tactic This is singular
tlhargh v. explore This implies going somewhere and looking around. It can also be translated "scout" or "survey." Does not take an object.(Q&A)
tlhawjoq n. mantle (geology)
tlhen v. sound as, produce the sound of sounds - Use with sound nouns e.g., bobDar tlhen "(it) produces a splash sound"
tlhepwI' n. uvula (informal term) the formal term is roDSon
tlhu'roD n. martyr This refers to a person who not only died (or was killed) for a belief/cause, but who has become a symbol or emblem or rallying point of or for that belief/cause
vIrveq n. terrorism
vIyetnam n. Vietnam country names
vo'nung n. phase This is the "fraction of a wave cycle." It is not used for phases of the moon or phases of life, etc.
wu' v. be mystical, be esoteric, be occult
wu'tIbIS n. superstition
wuvchuq v. be entangled (quantum physics, but maybe more general) The subject of the verb could be, for example, pay'an "particle"
yayal n. nickel (element) chemistry
yelmo' n. membrane body part
yelneHSIQ n. vanadium chemistry
yelvew n. texture
yoghan n. renaissance, revival
yorqej n. nomad [grammatically a language user]
'aHra' n. harness
'alghuQ n. bastard, illegitimate child
'atray n. siege
'ayIvlaS n. moss botany - This is the closest Klingon equivalent, and quite similar.
'ejyaH num. infinity mathematics
'enno n. lens
'Igh'aDmegh n. antibody body part - plural is formed with -mey
'Inyam n. ego, the self
'Ing v. move clockwise opposite of nam
'orgh v. skitter like a startled lizard or bug
'ul ghom'oH n. electrical outlet
'umyotlh n. profit this is strictly in the monetary sense, not general advantage or benefit

Q&A session

During the online qep'a', a program point was a Q&A-session with Marc Okrand.


These is the most importantant information from the Q&A:
  • The verb tlhargh does not take an object. You can say loghDaq jItlhargh.
  • mIp be rich refers to the wealth of people, not for "rich soil" (as in having gemstones or oil etc).
  • 'ejyaH can be combined with the suffix -logh.


The following is a transcript of the session. It shows the relevant parts only.

Q: Can mIp be rich be used for minerals in the ground, or only people?
A: [3:50] I would say that it refers to people and money and stuff like that. [so not the rich deposit of gemstones?] That's a different word, right. Well, that's confusing because gemstones are worth money, but there's a different word for "rich soil" or something like that. [...] The land isn't rich; After you do something with it, the person may be rich. [4:30]

Q: What does -ghach combined with -pu' produce, like e.g. Qongpu'ghach or HoHpu'ghach?
A: [5:06] [chuckles] "Having-sleeped-ness"? I guess. I don't know how to say that in English. You can say that in Klingon, but not in English

Q: Difference between bIj vs. Hup?
A: That's a real good Maltz question.

Q: Riding a bicyle? Which verb to use? ride or drive?
A: The quick answer is: You certainly don't drive it, because you drive things that have their own power. This one, you're powering yourself. SeD does not only refer to a vehicle that is motorized, it could be horse, ... it's not your power. [...] If you can somehow control the vehicle, that's driving. [Q: So anyone else is riding in a passenger kind of thing?] A: Right. Even back seat drivers are riders. [9:00]

Q: New word "infinity":
A: [9:32] You can use it in the same way you'd use pagh. Although you can use zero in more ways.

Q: What is the object of tlhargh? Do you say logh vItlhargh or loghDaq jItlhargh?
A: [10:58] It's the second.

Q: So you can't explore a specific thing?
A: Not with that verb. [11:10]

Q: Can tlhargh take an object?
A: I can't think of an object it could take, so I guess not. [16:04]

Q: Can you say 'ejyaHlogh for "infinitely times"?
A: Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, like you... yes. [19:11]

Q: Is there a cultural background behind the names for the chromosones?
A: No. It's just... throw the dice in the air and see what happens. [20:16]

Q: Focus - is that like, I focus my camera?
A: Yes, that's what the request was, the way we interpreted it. [23:28]

Q: Do my eyes focus, or do I focus my eyes?
A: Your eyes don't focus on their own. You have to do something to them.

Q: So if I get drunk, that means I cannot focus my eyes? It's not that my eyes just decide to not do it by themselves.
A: I think that's correct. I have to go back and look at the notes, but I think that'S right.

Q: About tlhen: can you say for example QoQ tlhen for make music, like when the music is coming out of the radio? And can it be used without an object, like just tlhen! "it makes a sound"?
A: Yes and yes. [26:26]

Q: Regarding riding a bicycle, would vo' "propel" be adequate?
A: I would say you can use it, but it's probably not the only verb that you can use.[27:11]

Q: What the object of the word QIb? Do I filter using the cloth, or does the cloth filter?
A: The object is the thing that gets filtered. [28:20]

Talking about Maltz, Okrand revealed a small interesting detail about the word for "thousand":
A: [35:40] For those who were wondering, how Maltz ended up in my basement, since Maltz is from the 23rd century and I'm not, so how can the two of us exist at the same time? If you remember Star Trek III, that movie, at the end of it, the only Klingon who was in the movie, who survived, was Maltz. Also, Maltz is the only Klingon in that movie who – while we were filming – did not speak Klingon. It was John Larroquette. He had zero lines of Klingon dialogue, there was one post production line looped in. Which is why there's two words for "thousand".
Anyway, Maltz the character wanted Kirk to kill him, Kirk said I'll do that later, and he put Maltz in the brig I guess, on the Bird of Prey. And then they went their merry way, and then eventually, ended up retrofitting... that's my own word for it, because they improved it, it grew in size somehow or other, and they took it to Earth, went back in time to go Earth to save the wales and all that.
While all this was happening, Maltz was still on the Bird of Prey, they forgot all about him. So when they went back to Earth, Maltz went back with them – and he escaped... And somehow he linked up with me, and that's why Maltz is in the basement. So it makes sense that Maltz is around. [37:26]

In terms of the question, rolling back the curtain: [37:46] the whole thing of Maltz came about when I wrote the Klingon Dictionary, when I wrote the introduction. And someone once asked what the book is all about, beause it's a very strange book. In writing the introduction, I wrote it as if I, Marc Okrand, was the researcher about all this stuff, not a speaker of the language necessarily. And my research was based on my informant, my native speaker, who had to be Maltz, because everybody else I knew about was gone. Because they blew themselves up on the Enterprise. So I thanked him and that became the way of talking about where the language comes from that's sort of the in-universe.
Out of universe it's me, I guess, I have to say it's me. And I just use Maltz as an excuse especially if I make a mistake. [39:09]

Q: Can the word "filter" be used for filtiering words, or only physical?
A: It's physical filtering.

Q: Is a QIbwI' the actual device, or the person?
A: Let me but heads with Maltz about this one.

Q: Can you "have a bias" in Klingon? Or is it a different verb?
A: That's a very good question.

Q: Can you really use QongtaHghach for the English meaning of "sleeping"?
A: Yes! It's perfectly fine. [The use of taH implies that] you're sleeping, you do not sleep only for half a second.
[44:55] Like I said earlier, with -ghach, that's probably worth two or three hours of discussion too. You can attach it to all kinds of things, that doesn't mean that you should. Although the sleeping example is fine.

See also


1 : New words list at, retrieved on July 27, 2021

2 : qep'a' cha'maH chorghDIch - Dr. Marc Okrand Q&A on YouTube, uploaded July 27, 2021


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