Noun phrases

The existance of noun phrases, or sentences made of only nouns, is not an explicitely mentioned grammatical issue. The usage of such sentences in the movies proves though that it is without any doubt possible to make a sentence in the style of an exclamation by simply yelling a noun. Due to context, everyone will understand what the speakers wants to express. This could be compared to clipped Klingon where prefixes may be left out.


These are all single nouns or noun phrases used in the movies as complete sentences.

Phrase Source Translation
HaSta! ST1 Visual display!
chuyDaH! ST3 Thrusters!
DoS jonta' neH. ST3 Target: only engine.
bach Do', qaH. ST3 Lucky shot, sir.
Ha'DIbaH! ST3 Animal!
QuQ neH. ST3 Only the engine.
Qapla'! ST3 Success!
latlh? ST5 Other?
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