O Come, All Ye Faithful

O Come, All Ye Faithful is an 18th-century Christmas carol.(1)(2) It has been translated into Klingon as peghoS Hoch matlhwI'.

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This version was sung as part of Klingon caroling in Louisville 2019.

peghoS Hoch matlhwI'
'o, peghos Hoch matlhwI'
QuchwI', charghwI' je bet-
-leHem veng yIlengchoH yIlengchoH
peghoS 'ej yIlegh
boghpu' QI'tu' voDleH
'eH voDleHma' wIquvmoH
'eH voDleHma' wIquvmoH
'eH voDleHma' wIquvmoH, 'eH
voDleHma' wIquvmoH; QIStuS joH'a'.
bom, HoSDo' muchwI'
naD'a'na' yIbom bom
Hoch QI'tu' rewbe'pu' joH'a' yI-
-quvmoH joH'a' yI-
quvmoHchu' taHjaj
joH'a' pIvanneS
Quch po'vam bIboghpu'
yeSuwa pInaDneS puqloD'a'
vav'a', DaporghDaj
narghchoHlI', taHjaj wo'.

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