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Screenshot of part 1/5

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Screenshot of part 2/5

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Some of the most frequently watched videos about Klingon on YouTube are a series of videos with Marc Okrand talking about the Klingon language. They had been uploaded in July 2008 by YouTube user "Saiya Mel", who hasn't uploaded anything else since then. (1)

A one piece video of this is also available youtube here on YouTube  

These explanations from Okrand were recorded in 2002, originally found on the special features disc of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. [citation needed]


Marc Okrand - Klingon lang 1/5

Length: 3:44 - youtube Link on YouTube  
Introduction who is and how he got to Star Trek.

Marc Okrand - Klingon lang 2/5

Length: 3:20 - youtube Link on YouTube  
Begins with the first words he had heard in Star Trek - The Motion Picture, and how he decided to base his language on it, defining the sounds, because the script said that Klingon is guttural.

Marc Okrand - Klingon lang 3/5

Length: 4:46 - youtube Link on YouTube  
Continuing on how the sounds of Klingon were developped, and why there is no F-sound. Beginning on sentence order, picking the least common way. Introducing [[prefix][prefixes].

Marc Okrand - Klingon lang 4/5

Length: 5:39 - youtube Link on YouTube  
Explaining the prefixes. How he developed the language during the movies production, taking notes. He wrote the lines phonetically for the actors in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and working with them, especially Christopher Lloyd, aka. Kruge.

Marc Okrand - Klingon lang 5/5

Length: 4:04 - youtube Link on YouTube  
Showing an example wa' yIHoH and jISaHbe', and about whether people would understand the lines, if they reappear without subtitle. This was matlh, jol yIchu', a proof that "the language is working".

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1 : Youtube-channel of SaiyaMel, retrieved on July 18 2017

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