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Klingon operas

     This is about the fictive operas. For real operas see operas (real).

There are several klingon operas mentioned in Star Trek, although not much of those has ever been heard, sung, or told about.

Operas with no tlhIngan Hol

  • Shevok'tah gish (1)
  • Gav'ot toH'va (2)

tlhIngan Hol Operas

Aktuh and Melota

'aqtu' mellota' je (3)

qul tuq - House of fire

The opera qul tuq tells the tale of the house of SepIch (4).

'o - meQ qul "Oh - the fire burns"
'o - meQ chal "Oh - the sky burns"
reH SuvtaH yoHbogh 'ej jaqbogh ghotpu'. "Brave and bold poeple are always fighting."

These are the words you can hear being sung; the correct spelling is unclear.

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1 , 2 : DSN, ep. 7.17, "Penumbra"

3 : mentioned TNG, "Unification II", written in KGT

4 : StarTrekKlingon, 9:30

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