pIqaD used in Star Trek: Discovery

The Klingon writing system first called pIqaD in TKD, and first developed by the KLI, has appeared in both promotional activities for Star Trek: Discovery but also onscreen during the show. This has been the very first appearance of pIqaD on screen and has therefore acquired its status of being canon in the Star Trek fandom.

Three types of pIqaD were used so far: The new font, the classic pIqaD, and the Mandel script.

Mandel script: The torchbearer's knife

The letters used on the torchbearer's knife are not pIqaD, nor is it Klingon. Robyn Stewart did not make these.

classic pIqaD

On the Sarcophagus ship

For the enscription in the sarcophagus plinth, see that article.

promotional posters

pIqaD Discovery Posters.jpg
sections from the posters
The Klingon character names were released during the above mentioned announcement, but their Klingon spelling appeared on an artwork published on Star Trek Las Vegas Convention 2017. (1)

Name Klingon spelling Source for spelling Actor Season
Dennas DennaS Netflix Subtitles Clare McConnell 1
Kol qol Netflix Subtitles Kenneth Mitchell 1
Kol-Sha unknown - Kenneth Mitchell 2
L'Rell lIr'el STLV Mary Chieffo 1 + 2
Or'Eq 'or'eq Netflix Subtitles David Benjamin Tomlinson 1
Tenavik unknown - Kenneth Mitchell 2
T'Kuvma tIquvma STLV Christopher Obi 1
Ujilli 'ujIllI' Netflix Subtitles Damon Runyan 1
Voq voq STLV Shazad Latif 1

New font

See main article ➞ Discovery font for details on the new font.

Opening scene

The very first thing that was seen in the pilot episode "A Vulcan Hello" was a subtitle for the words spoken by T'Kuvma: ghoSlI' chaH They are coming.
DSC01 opening.jpg
Opening scene from ep. 1

Klingon feast

During the scene where Kol has brought some food for Voq's crew in episode 1.04 "The butcher's knife cares not for the lamb's cry", one can see several barrels with the letters may' and 'Iw. It's very likely this is part of the word 'Iw HIq bloodwine, or it really means what it literally says: "blood of the battle".
DSC BloodwineBarrel.jpg
Scene from ep. 104
DSC BloodwineBarrelClose.jpg
close up

Klingon Raider display

During episode 1.05 "Choose your pain", a Klingon display is seen on a raider (a small attack vessel). This display showed several Klingon letters and numbers on a panel on the right side. The main screen had two lines written also written with new font. These seem to be just nonsense, so they probably have no meaning.
DSC105 RaiderScreen2.jpg
Raider screen
DSC105 RaiderScreen1.jpg
control panel

Burial Chamber

In episode 1.08 "Si vis pacem, para bellum", the later called "burial chamber" is labeled with Klingon letters for the word lom pa'.

Mirror Universe

The datacore retrieved in episode 1.10 "Despite Yourself" (at 36:23) is decorated with lots of Klingon numbers written in pIqaD.

In the same episode, the data retrieved from the datacore is displayed on a screen and shows a Klingon text using the same font, but the words have no meaning and seem random letters.

Orion market on Kronos

Episode 1.15 "Will You Take My hand? " displays lots if signs with Klingon and Orion letters.
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  • naDev tlhIngan Hol wIjatlh We speak Klingon here.
  • DIvI' 'aH qutlh nIHlu'bogh cheap stolen federation goods

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