Paramount Hol

Parallel to tlhIngan Hol, the ironic name Paramount Hol refers to the meaningless Klingon words used on the TV shows, especially Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.

These words are not canon, which means that Marc Okrand did not invent them. It was Paramount Pictures who invented these words, so it's called Paramount Hol. A more appropriate Klingon term would be Holqoq (so-called language); often Paramount Hol phrases lack the grammatical structure that Klingon has, and the pronunciation is often sketchy at best.

This explains why it happens very often that you hear Klingon on TV, but you can't find the word in the dictionary nor can anyone say what it means.


Deep Space Nine

The following words are taken from the DSN scripts, also their translations. Do not correct them, even if they are obviously wrong. Do not add names of planets and places, unless we have a correct Klingon equivalent to it.

Nr. Episode Title Word Pronunciation Translation Note / Correction
557 7x07 Once More Unto the Breach Chah-Veh! CHA-veh Yes, sir! -
557 7x07 Once More Unto the Breach Chronos KRO-nos Klingon homeworld Kronos Qo'noS
557 7x07 Once More Unto the Breach NUQ'NUH NUK-neh hello nuqneH
557 7x07 Once More Unto the Breach shuVak SHOE-vak servant -

Star Trek: Insurrection

In the ninth movie Star Trek: Insurrection, Mr. Worf has a strange pimple on his nose which he calles a gorch. There is no Klingon spelling known for this, but Okrand has said that it was an alien word that Klingons used to distance themselves from something embarassing. (1)


1 : Mailing list, July 29th, 2013

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