There are a handful of Klingon patches available on the web, but very few of them are known to contain any correct Klingon. Usually they just use decorative symbols based on the Mandel script. The Klingon Language Institute has never made any patches, but members of the Klingon Assault Group have made some for their own ships and groups, which means they are often only given away to members within those ships or group, and are not often sold directly to the public.

KAG patches

IKS pongHa'lu'

Patch pongHalu.jpg
Patch for the IKS pongHa'lu' (KAG)
"Kahn Klag" designed the original logo for the Klingon Assault Group / The Empire ship IKS lIywI' in 2009. His design was altered by MelanieRoney when the ship was rebranded as the IKS pongHa'lu'. This new design was then converted into a patch and pin for members of the ship. The left side of the triangle reads belmoH vIl, the ship's motto, with the right side reading the numbers "709890.7", the date the ship was founded (converted to stardate using Chris Lipscombe's webOS app). The bottom side has the name of the ship, IKS pongHa'lu'. This literally means "one does un-name", i.e. "the unnamed"

House Makura

Patch makura.jpg
Patch for the House of Makura (KAG)
This patch was created for "House Makura" by Kereth Makura and the color scheme was done by Bryan Detamore. It is given to and worn by members of House Makura.

This patch reads maQura tuq across the top, ta'mey Dun bommey Dun across the right side, and tIqIpqu' 'ej nom tIqIp across the left, both phrases from The Klingon Way. The border colour changes based on position in the House: Red signifies zantai , Yellow signifies [citation needed], Blue signifies ally of high ranking.

Empire Logo

Patch Empire Logo.jpg
Patch with the Trefoil
This patch was originally designed by a KAG member back in the early '90s as a Fleet/Quadrant patch for part of a competition. It ended up winning. (1)

The words on top of the patch use the Mandel script and show the words Hegh batlh. The intended meaning is obscure. Since both words can be used as verb and noun, the phrase could mean several things, like "Honor dies", "honor of death" or even just "Death. Honor." It's very likely that it's a word for word translation to mean "die with honor" since "with honor" is the literal definition for batlh (2). Since the Mandel script is not made to be used with the Okrandian spelling, the writing is somewhat incorrect, as the letter tlh is written as three letters T+L+H.

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1 : Discussion by Chris Lipscombe in Facebook group "Learn Klingon" on 20 June 2017

2 : The Klingon Dictionary, p. 80 + p. 137

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